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10 Fashion Inspiration Straight From Chris Hemsworth Himself

Chris Hemsworth, the Thor of Hollywood, the God of Thunder who looks no less than an actual god. With the alpha masculine, tall body structure, absolutely delightful face, and a personality of the sorts of Greek gods, it is no doubt that no matter what Hemsworth wears, he would only look like a treat. The Australian blonde star is one of the best fashion inspirations that any man can ever have. No wonder he’s always surrounded by the media and is always among the top choices of brands for photoshoots.

But you’re wrong if you think Chris only looks like a sensation in magazine covers. From the red carpets to the streets, Chris Hemsworth’s primary style is what every Man can take inspiration from. His style has evolved a lot over the years, but every time he steps out of his door, we get a new reason to adore him.

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We know that you are already a fan of Chris Hemsworth’s charms, be it on-screen or off-screen, he always claims himself as the absolute heartthrob he is. But you are now going to get 10 more reasons to love him with the 10 best looks that Chris Hemsworth pulled off.

And to the men out there, take notes because Chris Hemsworth has a hell of a lot of fashion inspirations for each one of you.

1. Red Carpet look of Chris Hemsworth

While we never doubt Chris Hemsworth to be present at an award show and not steal the show, he definitely shook the floor at the 75th Golden Globe Award at Beverly Hills, California. In an all-black formal suit, He looked no less than a walking God. While his all-black outfit was to show support for the Times Up movement, which was visible with a Times Up label attached to his Coat, the actor did not fail to give a style statement as well along with his support to the movement with his outfit. 

Image by: Reuters

But more than him, it’s the details in his suit that caught our eye. The coat and trousers had a luxurious design styled with an elegant black shirt. And like every other time, He did not forget to add some accessories to complete the look. He wore his usual bracelets and a silver watch along with a ring in his right hand.

2. Sydney Airport Look

If you believe a man always needs a tailored suit to look good, Chris Hemsworth’s Sydney Airport look is going to prove you wrong. Chris Hemsworth gave us some major fashion inspiration with his airport look as well. While he kept it casual and comfortable, he still managed to look the coolest. 

From top to bottom, Chris looked organized and wore only neutral colors. He wore a black cap matching with his backpack and aviators, a grey hoodie with white outlines matching with his shirt underneath, and dark grey shorts that matched with his shoes.

His sense of matching his outfit even in an airport look gives us great style goals.

Image by: Tom+Lorenzo

3. Chris Hemsworth Street style

Chris Hemsworth should have a label attached to him that says “perfection”. Because that is what his fashion sense is when it comes to street style. How to hit the streets in style is what everyone needs to learn from Hollywood’s heartthrob Chris Hemsworth.

4. Parent style 

Being a father is everything but easy. It sure takes up a lot of time raising a little human being and taking care of them. So much that one can often forget to do self-care while playing hero for children. And while it is completely okay, Chris Hemsworth still manages to look his best. Thor looks totally sweeping even while playing the parent part for his children. Here are the best one of his effortless Parent looks that you may get inspiration from.

5. Summer casual 

Chris Hemsworth coming back from what seems like a quick grocery shopping in a casual summer look might give you inspiration for effortless fashion. Even in a casual look, he does not look any less than a star, and the best part is he doesn’t even need to try to look like one. He nailed the summer look with skinny black jeans and a fitted T-shirt.  

6. Winter Casual 

Chris Hemsworth always dresses like all eyes are going to be on him, and that’s a natural skill he has. And we have his best winter casual look to prove the statement right. Chris dressed like an absolute sensation while walking the streets in his winter look. The statement scarf wrapped around his neck is like the cherry on top of his mesmerizing outfit. That’s quite the look all of you men can take winter-style inspirations from.

7. Beach mode

Whoever says you cannot look fashionable at the beach, needs to rethink. Because Chris Hemsworth’s beach mode will make you want to take classes from him. You can never be unimpressed by Chris Hemsworth’s Fashion be it with layers of clothing, or without them. Chris looked equally ravishing in his beach shorts while flaunting his hot build-up.

Image by: The Blast

8. Training Attire

Being an action star, Chris Hemsworth always swears by his strict workout routine. And as cheesy as it may sound, he looks like a dream in his training gears. With his superhero muscles pumping up and visible cuts on fore-arms and legs, one cannot look sexier than him when in training mode. And that is exactly why he is a complete fashion icon. Next time you hit up the gym, make sure to take some inspiration from the God of thunder.

9. Hot husband outfit

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are one of the most popular husband-wife duos in Hollywood. And Chris always stands right on being the hot husband for an equally hot wife. Among several times they both are captured together, the best one was at the Thor Ragnarök premiere. And if there’s any conclusion we came at from all of Chris Hemsworth’s looks, it’s that the blue color suits him the best.  And that is exactly what he wore to the premiere alongside his wife in a black dress. Though simple, it’s definitely one of the best Chris Hemsworth fashion movements.

10. Vacation time

Chris Hemsworth flaunted his smart guy looks at the island on a family vacation and it’s one of his sweetest looks. A white T-shirt, blue jeans, and an off-white sneaker are what Chris chose for his vacation look and it sure teaches us that you don’t need to dress up in leather jackets or fancy pants to look like a fashion icon. 

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