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10 Things About Robert Kardashian- From Famous Lawyer to Father of K-Sisters

For the millennials and Gen Z joining the conversation, Lawyer Robert Kardashian is much more than just the father of the sensational Kardashian-Jenner sisters. In fact, the fame that Kylie, Kim, Kendal, and others enjoy now, all originates from their parents Kriss Jenner and Robert Kardashian’s illustrious career.

Rob Kardashian was a celebrity in his own right and it was his popularity in media during the 1990s that might have inspired his children to make their lives public. Though he never lived to see their success, there are certain things things that Kardashian fans would be amazed to know about him.

Given below are some important things about Lawyer Robert Kardashian you might not have known about.

10 Facts about Famed Lawyer Robert Kardashian from O.J. Simpson Case to Personal Life

1. Successful Businessman

After completing his studies he practiced law for around ten years before starting his own business. In 1973, Robert founded ‘Radio & Records’ which was sold in 1979 with profits. He later started a company called ‘Movie Tunes’ to play music in theatres between two movies; this was a new idea at that time. He later invested in several companies such as Juice Inc., Concert Cinema, etc.

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2. Personal Life and Marriage with Kris Jenner

Robert Kardashian was married thrice. He first married Kris Houghton in 1978 but the couple ended in divorce after around 13 years. This happened when he discovered in 1991 when he caught his wife having an affair. However, before the separation, the two had four kids- Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian. For a brief time after that, he was dating Denice Shakarian Halicki and later got engaged but the two never married. In 1998, he was married for about a month to Jan Ashley and divorced again. Months before he passed away due to cancer, the high-profile lawyer was married to Ellen Pierson.

3. Good Father

Robert and Kris had four children together and was a very good father to them. After they split, Robert and Kris shared joint custody of their children and were reportedly good friends. Even after his death, the Kardashian children have shared how much they love and miss their father. At his birth anniversary yesterday, his family shared his pictures on Instagram expressing their love for him.

4. Robert Kardashian and OJ Simpson

Robert Kardashian became well-known for defending his friend O.J. Simpson in a murder trial. Way before the Kardashians girls became famous; it was Robert who was constantly followed by media and reporters. His house was surrounded by cameras and there was no privacy left after he started defending his friend OJ Simpson. Though Robert practiced law for a decade, years earlier, it was OJ Simpson’s trial he was known for. The two were so close that not only Rob Kardashian renewed his license for that trial, Simpson even stayed at lawyer’s home during the time frame between the crime and arrest.

5. Personal life turned public

Due to the most popular trial of the previous century, Kardashian became the center of media attention. His private life was completely finished and his moves were constantly portrayed on TV. Within moments his home was completely surrounded by TV reporters and he was not ready for all the negative attention he was getting. He even received hate letters and death threats during that time.

6.  Armenian origin

Robert Kardashian was born in 1944 in Los Angeles to Armenian-American parents. His ancestral family was Armenian Spiritual Christians belonging to Kars Oblast, what is now a part of Turkey. He was one of the three children born to Armenian parents who immigrated to America in the early twentieth century. His father collected garbage initially before starting his own business.

7. Loyal Friend

Robert Kardashian and OJ Simpson were good friends. Simpson was Kardashian’s best man at his wedding. In the 90s after his wife and another man’s death, Simpson was accused of murdering them. Robert got his license renewed and became Simpson’s defense attorney. He got a lot of threat and hate for defending his friend but Robert never left his side.

8. David Schwimmer

In the mini-TV series, Robert Kardashian was portrayed by famous FRIENDS star, David Schwimmer in ‘American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson’. It was the story of the famous trial of the twentieth century that was seen on TV. David Schwimmer played the role of Robert Kardashian, who was the defense attorney of his friend OJ Simpson who was accused of murder.

9. Cancer Diagnosis and Death

In 2003, he was diagnosed with cancer. Two months later he died of cancer in the esophagus. On 30th September 2003, Robert Kardashian died from oesophageal cancer, six weeks after he was married to his third wife. His sudden demise from the world left his family in grief; his ex-wife and children miss him even to this day.

Robert Kardashian is not just the father of the Kardashian sisters and Kris Jenner’s first husband, he became famous even before his girls were a part of the TV shows. He was a popular lawyer and successful businessman with whom the media became obsessed during the OJ Simpson trial. 

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