5 Best Sex Toys for Long-Distance Couples To Keep Spark Alive From Miles

sex toy for long distance couple

Maintaining a long-distance romantic relationship is not a cakewalk. If you are in one, you would know. Not seeing your partner for months and sometimes years, is painful. But it only gets excruciating when ignoring the body’s call gets tougher and tougher. Anyone who is in a long-distance relationship aims to seize every small opportunity to sense their partner’s presence behind. From unending late-night video calls to surprising each other with gifts, a lot of things are still manageable. However, what is not manageable is the sexual build-up during all this time of separation. But what if we tell you that even if they might not be with you, your partner can still satisfy you like Eros. Thanks to technology! Sex toys are revolutionizing pleasure for long-distance couples.

Presently we have sex toys that have been a savior during sole pleasure. However, it only gets better for you lovebirds craving for each other while being miles apart.

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Sex toy industries are swinging on a whole new mania of manufacturing long-distance sex toys. Long-distance sex toys are known as Teledildonics. In a nutshell, sex toys that can be regulated using Bluetooth and Wifi are the one that will save you when sexual needs are frowning in the corner. Now it is much more than sexting or face-timing. You can now feel the touch. These toys will legitimately keep your sexual intimacy blaze alive irrespective of the distance. Separation barely means anything now.  

So, want to spice up your relationship a little more? Yes, you want to. We know!
Here are the five best sex toys for long-distance relationship couples to enjoy.

5 Best Sex Toys for Long Distance Couples that are too good!

The Ultimate Couple Set: Max and Nora by Lovense

This sex toy set from Lovense is a precise way to swaddle around in sexual pleasure with your partner from miles away.  This set may cost you a bit as it is relatively pricey but guess what! It’s absolutely worth it. The $398 set has two Bluetooth-friendly sex toys you both can use simultaneously to seek pleasure in sync. 

Nora is a female sex toy which is a vibrator shaped like a rabbit with a vibrating arm and three different speed control and a rotating head. Plus, it is also waterproof and is easily USB-rechargeable. 

Max is a male toy vibrator, to be precise it is a realistic sleeve skin-like masturbation toy.

This product comes with Bluetooth pairing and with Lovense’s apps for centralized usage. Using this, you can meet each other’s sexual needs anyways, no matter where you are.

We-Vibe Sync

Having sexual sync is essentially every long-distance couple’s fantasy. This synchronization keeps that sexual temptation alive and now, you can achieve it too. You can handle your partner’s elation from any corner of the globe with the We-Connect application. What makes this product every couple’s favorite is that you can personify a loop custom playlist of vibrations you are fond of and vibe with your partner. This award-winning wearable vibrator is a completely hand-free sex toy that comes with a remote that operates at a distance of 3 meters. However, it also operates from a centralized app that can function from any corner of the world.

We-Vibe Sync is made of skin-friendly silicon and is manufactured in Canada.

Lush Bluetooth Egg Vibrator

Shaped like a polished simple egg vibrator, the Lush egg vibrator is another brilliant sex toy of Lovense, perfect for satisfying sex for the long-distance couple. If you don’t want to get expensive sex toy sets, aim for this. Lush Bluetooth Egg Vibrator can either be used with a partner or solo. This sex toy is again controlled by a centralized application.  If you are into discreet fun, you can wear this out in public for an orgasm but at your own risk. Tune in your genitals with this toy and jam out till you seek your pleasure.

Yes, this product allows you to sync your dopamine level with music. 

Hush Bluetooth Butt Plug 

Do you miss having anal sex with your partner? Don’t you worry now, the sex toy industry has a perfect pick for every long-distance couple. Hush Bluetooth butt plug is another Lovense product that promises pleasure to you and your boo from miles away. It is the world’s first teledildonic Bluetooth butt plug and can remotely transmit tactile sensibility. It is available in the same price range for both 1.7 or 1.5 inches diameter so you can select which diameter you want to go with. Hush also comes with a discounted set of two, so if you and your boo are into butt game this is indeed a great deal to grab.

Kirroo Onyx+ pearl couple set

This Kirroo toy will pace up the couple’s sexual satisfaction to another level. The KIIROO Pearl2 is an advanced G- spot vibrator that works with touch-sensitive technology. The Onyx+ proposes a deep suction sensation inside the core with two air channels that are assumed to imitate the penetration game. The functioning of this sex toy is so effective that you will barely feel someone is controlling it from a distance. Perk up your not-so-spicy video calls with this sex toy. 

Sensing your partner’s sexual movements even after being miles apart is a priceless feeling. Doing it yourself, with your long-distance boo, or with someone in the bed, these sex toys will flare up your sex life for sure. So, go ahead and grab any of these tempting products and refresh up your long-distance relationship.


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