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5 Most Expensive Neighborhoods In LA Suburb For Rich Residential Experience

The city of dreams, Los Angeles is the home to some of the most renowned celebrities, businessmen, filmmakers, artists, and others. The cream of the industry resides in the Hollywood cities which is famous for its ultra-luxurious villas, penthouses, and mansions with the view of the picturesque San Gabriel mountain range. With a city like Los Angeles that everyone wants to call ‘home’, it is a no-brainer that buying a house in the neighborhood of LA suburb is both, expensive and tedious as you will be left spoilt with choices. If you are looking to buy your dream house in the dream city at an affluent location, you have landed at the right place.

The Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean are the two key areas where the majority of the prosperous population is clustered. The Santa Monica Mountains extend along the east-west axis from the Hollywood Hills to the Oxnard Plain and run parallel to the Pacific Ocean and the Los Angeles Basin.

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Luxury properties here are distinguished by large plots, privacy, and green surroundings. Well-manicured (and often lavish) landscaping is the standard for mansions and luxury homes in Los Angeles. If you’re a home buyer looking for your next dream home or just cruising the LA neighborhoods, here are our five top picks for the city’s most expensive neighborhoods to live in.

5 Most Expensive LA Neighborhoods To Live In Los Angeles Suburbs

Paradise Cove Bluffs

Paradise Cove Bluffs- richest neighborhood to live in LA
Image Credit: Beach Cities Real Estates

Paradise Cove Bluffs is the most expensive neighborhood in Los Angeles County and one of the twenty-one oceanfront neighborhoods in Malibu. Every home in the neighborhood has a private beachfront.

As with most of the beachfront enclaves, the lots here are small and extend from the PCH to the Pacific Ocean. However, there is plenty of space to accommodate guest rooms, tennis courts, and swimming pools. The sprawling and beautifully manicured yards have customized landscape designs.

The community faces south, so homeowners enjoy plenty of warm sunlight and panoramic views of the beach, the coastline, and the island of Catalina. Houses are on average of 5,000 square feet in size.

Beverly Park

Beverly Park- richest neighborhood to live in LA
Image Credit: Wall Street Journal

Beverly Park is a gated community in Beverly Crest, Los Angeles. The area consists of two enclaves: North Beverly Park and South Beverly Park and is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in LA suburbs.

Beverly Park is relatively new compared to other exclusive neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Originally, the neighborhood was to be a golf course and a country club, but the developers felt it would be safer with houses, and the project was completed as an estate in 1990. Under the HOA rules for both regions, the size of the houses constructed here must be at least 5,000 square feet. The largest houses here are about 40,000 square feet.

Beverly Park has been, since its establishment, not only one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Los Angeles but one of its most popular. The neighborhood is home to a significant number of influential residents like Ellen DeGeneres, Taylor Swift, Jeffiner Lawrence, Katy Perry, Adele, Eddie Murphy, and many others. Due to the same, the real estate operation is widely featured in both investigative and tabloid press outlets.

Encinal Bluffs 

Encinal Bluffs- richest neighborhood to live in LA
Image Credit: Pinterest

Encinal Bluffs Beachfront is situated in western Malibu, along the Ventura County Line. Its remoteness creates one of Malibu’s most secluded, private, and quiet enclaves and the prices undoubtedly, make the locality stand out as exclusive.

The estates here are situated on the hills above the Pacific Ocean, each with breathtaking panoramic views of the coast, the Catalina and the San Nicolas Islands. The lots are high, and every property has access to the beach.

Encinal Bluffs has long been the staple of celebrities and business moguls. One Frank Gehry-designed house, the ‘Micheal B. Hendrix House’, is a walled-down, more economical version of his Gunther House design and was completed in Encinal Bluffs in 1983.

Holmby Hills 

Holmby Hills- richest neighborhood to live in LA
Image Credit: Pinterest

Holmby Hills is located only a few blocks east of UCLA and is host to the Los Angeles Country Club. It is one of the three regions of the Platinum Triangle (the other two are Beverly Hills and Bel Air). Despite its urban surroundings, Holmby Hills has vast estates of more than 10,000 square foot mansions. Over the years, Holmby Hills has been home to many directors, A-list stars, and industrialists.

However, Holmby Hills is not only known to its famous residents. Names of the homes like Spelling Manor, Playboy Mansion, Carolwood Estate (formerly owned by Walt Disney) will not be out of place in casual conversation on jets. Even the streets here, like Mapleton Drive, are known all over the world, particularly for architecture and aficionados.

Serra Retreat 

Serra Retreat- richest neighborhood to live in LA
Image Credit: BookRetreats

Serra Retreat is a gated community on the Pacific Coast Highway off Malibu Creek. The neighborhood is one of Los Angeles suburbs’ most bucolic settings along the coast; numerous trees and flora provide a lush atmosphere. Houses are nestled inside a wooded glen in the lower Malibu Canyon section of the enclave near Malibu Creek. 

The elevated parts of the neighborhood consist of estates perched on undulating hillsides, each with an extraordinary view of the ocean. The group is named after Serra Retreat, a retreat and conference center run by Franciscan Friars. Its compound sits on the highest hill within the limits of the neighborhood.

So there you have it, five of the most expensive and posh localities to live in Los Angeles. These localities are perfect for anyone looking to live the lush life surrounded by class, beaches and amazing views. 

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