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8 Facts About Minju Kim, The K-Designer Taking Fashion World By Storm

Minju Kim, a projected next trendsetter in the cutting-edge business, is leaving no stone unturned in the vogue circuit. Owing to her eye for fashion and designs of frills, tulle, organza, patterned fabrics, and an unexpectedly beautiful color clash, especially in womenswear, the Korean designer is already an upmarket designers’ favorite new star.

The 35-year-old Minju has been successful in establishing herself as a known fashion designer with the launch of her luxury retail collection on Net-A-Porter, a retail website, where she got to put up her exclusive designer collection for sale worldwide. And people are already going gaga over the fashion aptitude of the South Korean designer.

Minju Kim is making sure to assert her unique presence in the sphere. Her signature style of presenting a self-designed core print at each one of her fashion runways has been discussed widely and gained a great appreciation for the move. Her ability to think out of the box while preparing each design and paying exceptional attention to the details definitely adds up to her specialty.

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This South Korean designer is already worth millions! 

What is Minju Kim’s current net worth?

It’s hardly surprising that Kim is now believed to be worth $8.3 million. Her accomplishment on Best in Fashion has boosted her net worth and made her a global designer. She was already making a nice living designing costumes for K-pop singers and noteworthy artists. 

For BTS’s Love Yourself tour in 2018, she designed the stage clothes for “DNA” and “I Need U.” Since their single “One of These Nights,” Kim has collaborated with Red Velvet. She also designed their clothes for the music video and promotion for “Rookie.”

However, the air of curiosity about Minju Kim’s life is still around. And to slake the curiosity, we are presenting you 8 things that everyone needs to know about the Korean Fashion Designer making waves.

8 Things To Know About The Sensational Korean Designer Minju Kim

1. Being a Fashion Designer wasn’t Minju Kim’s first choice

“Nothing can stand in the way of the purpose God has for you,” as said rightly by a wise man. Minju Kim’s unprecedented talent in fashion designing only grew because of her parents. She wanted to become a cartoonist when she was young and was planning on attending an art school to pursue her ambition. But fate had plans for Kim, which surfaced through her parent’s encouragement. Minju was persuaded by her parents to study fashion designing.

Following that, she enrolled herself at the Samsung Art & Design Institute in Seoul. It was then that she discovered her interest in fashion and further started to pursue that interest.

2. Minju Kim is a Master’s Degree Holder

Once exposed to the world of fashion designing at the Samsung Art & Design Institute in Seoul, Minju grew fond of it and wanted to pursue her interest further. And that is exactly what she did. Minju went on to seek a Master’s degree in a port city named Antwerp in Belgium. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine arts, and her choice of pursuing a master’s degree is regarded as the most significant step in strengthening her craft.

3. Minju is an awarded Fashion graduate– a brilliant student

The South Korean fashion designer started showing signs of a successful career as a fashion designer as early as in her graduation days. Among thousands of fashion graduate students, Minju was awarded the H&M design award for the year 2012. Every year, two brilliant scholars in the field of fashion are honored with the prestigious award. Minju presented a fashion show of the designs at Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion week, and it was noted that the judges were amazed by Minju’s grit.

This award is distributed every year by the Swedish clothing retail company H&M to two exceptionally performing Fashion graduate students. One is the Jury Prize (chosen by the jury), and the other one falls under the category- Public prize (through public voting). Enough to testify Minju’s extraordinary fashion aptitude.

4. Her Rise to fame

While Minju Kim has already earned herself quite a fame, many people don’t know what lit the spark in her to reach worldwide recognition. Minju Kim participated in a reality TV fashion designing competition series aired on Netflix- Next in Fashion (NIF) in 2020. This was the first season of the show, which was hosted by Alexa Chung, an English fashion designer, model, host, and writer, and Tan France, another British-Pakistani-American fashion designer, author, and host. 

Minju won the Reality show, and as a prize, she was awarded USD 250,000 as well as the opportunity to launch her collection for sale on Net-A-Porter’s website. This was a major milestone she achieved that rose to much wider fame and helped her gain recognition worldwide.

5. Our upcoming fashion sensation has already designed for some prominent celebrities

As dreamy as it may sound, Minju Kim surely achieved a lot in such a short time. And among many other achievements, Minju managed to become the most famous South Korean Designer ever. She has designed outfits for the globally renowned celebrities of South Korea. And when we say renowned, we mean BTS and Red Velvet

The heartthrob of millions of young music enthusiasts around the world, the K-pop artist groups BTS and Red Velvet are not unknown to anyone who has an affinity to music. The unstoppable Kim has designed masterpieces for both the popular bands. Shocked? We are too. But there’s absolutely no limit to where talent can get you.

6. Minju Kim is a successful business owner as well

At the age of 30, Minju Kim accomplished enough and took a leap forward to start her own company. And to nobody’s surprise, it is quite a successful one. Minju launched “MINJUKIM,” a self-named Label, in 2015. She launches her collections and designs for sale on her company’s website www.minjukim.co which usually gains huge profits. Now along with being a celebrated designer, you can call Minju a boss babe too.

7. Minju Kim’s brand philosophy

While each brand has its own mottos and notions, it’s always interesting to know what drives the growth and success of brands worldwide. When Minju Kim launched her own label, she too had a standardized set of values that her brand wanted to represent. In an interview with Buro, Kim confessed that she wants people to feel happy and comfortable when they slip into her collections. The secret behind her well-appreciated clothing is the playfulness, beauty as well as the high-quality fabric used while making the pieces.

8. Kim is a teacher too

Just when we thought we couldn’t be surprised more, Minju Kim proved us wrong. Besides her soaring career as a fashion designer, she also teaches fellow students about design. Minju Kim is the member of the design faculty at Kookmin University, situated at Seongbuk-gu, Seoul in South Korea. We find it quite lovely that Minju is passing on her talent to other future fashion designers in South Korea.

She’s still killing the game from her studio in Seoul, South Korea, a year and a pandemic later, in the hopes that her lively, vivid new collection may bring beauty back to the streets.

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