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80s Fashion Trends That Are The Holy Grail To Vogue Code

80s fashion always makes up for the aesthetic wardrobe collection. From chic  ‘Diana Spencer’ to elegant ‘Madonna,’ fashion was outrageous. Thanks to the iconic ladies who created an intense hue of style and gave fame to the 80s fashion. 

Fashion is never dull. Though it can be a bit insipid when strolling down a linear curve of trends. But as much we love the vogue rollercoaster ride, there is no doubt about that fact that the return of a few trends is never welcomed. Isn’t that the reason why some 80s fashion trends are a history? Because they were too unwelcomed in the first place.

On the other hand, some 80s fashion trends have been too underrated for the whole time. And now that most of them are making a comeback, we can’t be more excited to add the pinch of aesthetics to our sartorial collection.

If you have been following the changing fashion trends, you might know how 80s fashion has become a sensation amongst most of us. Whether you are aware of the dynamic personas of the 80s or not, you are going to love their comeback. Well, you can finally find a big collection of everything from sequin dresses, printed denim, silk tops to elephant pants in your favorite store. 

1. Elephant pants

Elephant pants are an androgynous fashion style that has been hibernating for the last few years but not anymore. Brands like Zara and H&M are multiplying towards bringing these wide-leg fashion styles into consideration. Wide leg pants give you an edgy and minimalistic look. The best part you will love about this comeback is the room for comfort. Without giving it much time, go and grab the trendy elephant pants to rock this Friday night.

2. Silk Top

Silk has to be the signature fabric of the 80s fashion. And fortunately, the most iconic of all, the silk tops have made a comeback with more effulgent touch. Silk top is the iconic staple wardrobe collection that is the hood ornaments of class and sex appeal, intertwined. Give us a deadlier combo, we’ll wait. 

3. Patchwork denim

If you are a hoarder of denim, then you must be aware of Gucci bringing back their 80s collection of patchwork denim. For some reason, you will regret not buying them soon. 80s fashion was very demanding and aesthetic. As you will come across these patch denims, you will realize that Madonna and Grace Jones were the most high-end fashion icons. Now, it is your time to pull up your socks and buy this astonishing piece of happiness ft. patchwork denim.

4. Headbands

Headbands were the powerhouse of the 80s and once again everyone is howling behind the fashion headbands on every outfit. Bloggers all over Instagram are flooding their feed with multiple headbands. Rockstars like Steven Tyler, and pop queens like Madonna often rocked the accessory and made headbands an essential of the aesthetic fashion era. Here, Hailey Baldwin gets in on the look at the September 2017 amfAR gala in Milan.

5. Animal Prints

Phew! Can we please take a moment to appreciate the comeback of animal prints because the rich boldness speaks for itself. Animal print outfits are an amalgamation of sophistication, style, and boldness. However, this trend is never settling soon and still seems to rule the fashion world. Animal prints are the focus of this season and can show their presence in a party dress, lingerie wear, handbags, watches, skirts, shoes, etc.

6. Punchy graphic prints Tees

Punchy graphic tees were a dash of many things- from colors to pictorial presentation. Bright colors and geometrical shapes were often put together into an outfit in the late 80s fashion. Many articles reveal that graphic tees were famous among rock stars and pop singers like Kate Bush to Annie Lennox. However, these punchy prints have gotten an eyesore in modern days.

7. Sequin dress

Most of you will agree that the sequin dress holds beauty and perfection. If you watched Olympic figure skating in the 80s, or even if you have seen the outfits, you would notice that everyone has a thing for sequin dresses. They add a bit of drama to the overall look with their shimmering effects. It would be best if you did not miss this trendy comeback of the 80s fashion.

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