Monday, September 20, 2021
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Debdutta Ghosh

Debdutta Ghosh is a Journalist who has been associated with leading media firms of India like Asian Age, Indian Express and Hindustan Times as well as television channels such as Zee News/Business and ABP News as a reporter for more than 20 years. With a Post-Graduation Diploma in Mass Communication & a Bachelor Degree in Science, his expertise as content expert lies in the areas of Business News Analysis, PR, and Marketing Communication.

5 Lithium Stocks To Buy In 2021, And Why

Don't just follow the herd. Construct your portfolio with sound understanding of where you are investing your money. hr.new4 { border: 2px solid #B20000; } Highlights Global lithium-ion battery market is expected to reach $46 billion by...

The Bigger Picture of Afghanistan Fallout With William Dalrymple

"I am afraid, darker days lie ahead." - William Dalrymple, historian and author. hr.new4 { border: 2px solid #B20000; } A day after the Taliban seized Kabul and entered the Presidential palace on Aug 15,...

Biden’s Speech, Like U.S. Mission In Afghanistan, Was A Disaster

President Biden withdrew troops calling the matter of Afghanistan civil war. The truth is, it was always much more than a civil war. hr.new4 { border: 2px solid #B20000; } On April 17, 2002, U.S....

Emergency State of Afghanistan Puts U.S. Legacy Under Radar

The sorry state of affairs in Afghanistan is as terrifying as it is disappointing. hr.new4 { border: 2px solid #B20000; } Highlights Taliban takes over Kabul. To form a regime soon. U.S. embassy staff evacuated under...

What Is Cryptocurrency Doing In Biden’s Infrastructure Bill?

Cryptocurrency has made its way to the U.S. Congress and investors call it a further validation. hr.new4 { border: 2px solid #B20000; } Highlights The infrastructure bill passed by the Senate is worth $1 trillion.Seeks to...

Bitcoin Rallies Strong, Ignites $100,000 Value Predictions

If you didn't pull out your money few months back, congratulations! hr.new4 { border: 2px solid #B20000; } Highlights Bitcoin rallying strong for 8-straight weeks. The latest rally has a 21-day fastest speed of rise since February.Prices...

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