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Huda Sameer

Huda Sameer is pursuing Commerce and is experienced in writing for multi-dimensional content. With admiration for developing knowledge through research and exploring an array of genres, Huda loves to bring detailed analysis to the stories she covers. Besides curating content, she is a big foodie by heart who loves to travel, jam to hip hop, and progress towards her ambitions through sheer determination.

Kim Jong Un’s Billion Dollar Net Worth And Insanely Extravagant Lifestyle

The enigma of all three worlds, North Korea is as opaque as a country can be, deflecting any external attempt to draw the real picture of its people and governance. And this, along with...

10 Lucrative Jobs That Are A Dream Come True For Introverts

Not everyone has to be the life of the party and we get it. And why not? Introverts actually have some clear-cut advantages. For example, they are low-maintenance, focused, creative and good listeners. With...

10 Experiences To Not Miss While In Cape Town

While listing down the cities that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime, it is impossible to give "Mother City" Cape Town a miss. Sprawling across the Southwestern Coast of Africa, overlooking...

How Can Employees And Managers Craft A Mentally Favorable WFH Environment

With the new quotidian work from home, the worsening mental health of the masses has become a grave issue, whether we choose to talk about it or not. Gartner Inc decided to conduct a...

How To Work With A Narcissistic Boss- Signs And Hacks

Working in presence of a person suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder can be a daunting challenge each day. Every time you leave from office for home, a question might pop in your head- how...

Virtual Museum Tours Might Be The Future of Europe’s Bustling Industry

The ongoing pandemic had an unprecedented effect on numerous museums across the world. COVID-19 cases are showing no sign of beating a retreat regardless of the speeding vaccination drives throughout the world. Cultural tourism...

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