Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Manika Sharma

Manika Sharma is pursuing a bachelor's in computer applications and plans to pursue a Ph.D. in English Literature for her love for writing. A skater and avid debater, Manika makes sure to nurture her adventurous side with occasional activities like rock climbing.

5 Brilliant Ways To Use Your Child Tax Credit 2021

A little financial planning can help you go a long way with the child tax credit amount. In 2021, more American families are availing child tax credit than ever in history. As many as 36...

A-Z of Child Tax Credit- Compiling All Answers For Americans

If you are a parent, you will potentially have a little extra money showing up your way this month. The first advanced child tax credit of the year is scheduled to be introduced on...

10 Best Writing Desks That Fit Your Need And Budget

COVID-19 led pandemic has confined the world to their homes. Thanks to technological advancements, the workforces didn't come to an unprecedented halt due to the virus outbreak. Work-from-home has become a new normal and...

States End Unemployment Claims As Jobs Return- But Challenges Persist

Jobless claim registrations plummet with economic recovery. However, millions are still out of work. Highlights Jobless claims continue to fall at a greater rate predicted by experts.Governors of more than 25 states to withdraw extended...

7 Smart Leisure Travel Vans Hacks That Are Lifesaver For Travelers

Travelers, thank us later! hr.new4 { border: 2px solid #B20000; } Life in leisure travel vans appears absolutely fun and adventurous. Who wouldn't want to explore different places while constantly driving around in your cute personalized...

What Does The Biden’s $1 tn Infra Plan Mean For Stock Market

Wall Street welcomes the long-impending infrastructure plan with open arms. Progressive Democrats find a middle ground with Biden. Progressive Democrats agree to support the Bipartisan Framework after President Biden agrees on proposals.Another bill named "human...

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