Monday, September 20, 2021
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Siddharth Kulkarni

Siddharth is an incoming FMV Analyst and B.Com Hons graduate from Delhi University. Siddharth holds several positions of authority at a college level at various societies namely The Young Entrepreneurs Society and The Hult Prize. He is an enterprising youngster who is passionate about learning and growing as a person with each successive day. He is a hardworking and self-confident individual who possesses zeal and grit and loves to work with details. Being a sportsperson as well as an academic achiever, he love to surround himself with healthy competition.

A Sneak Peek Into The Lavish Life of Adar Poonawalla

In 1966, Cyrus Poonawalla founded the Serum Institute of India, the world's largest vaccine manufacturer which is now headed by his son and a household name ever since the COVID-19 outbreak engulfed the country,...

10 Best Water Stocks And ETFs To Watch Out For In 2021

While the majority parts of the world experience extreme water shortage, stakes are high and bets on water stocks are up. hr.new4 { border: 2px solid #B20000; } Earlier we talked about the debut of...

21st Century’s Erotic Revolution- The Age Of Sex Tech and Digisexual Generation

The age of routine yet sacred sex is coming to a close, only to be substituted by the ever-so-thriving twenty-first-century jargon known as ‘artificial intelligence’ which intends to make its way into the bedrooms...

Pandemic’s Freelancing Fever Has Bolstered ‘Gig Economy’- And Everyone’s Loving It

The challenges posed by the novel Coronavirus have been vexing full-time personnel for quite some while now, not to mention the freelancers who have been among the hardest-hit groups. Having been caught off guard...

Water Is On Wall Street! Investors Looking Straight Into The Future

According to the UN's report in 2018, a whopping 2 billion people live in countries that are rapidly depleting their freshwater renewable resources and are thus, extremely water-stressed. As many as 1.42 billion people...

New Wave Of Investors Are Helping Artists Earn Name And Fortune

"People are willing to spend their money investing in others, taking these big risks"- Micheal Schwimmer, CEO of Big League and former pitcher for Philadelphia Phillies. Throughout the course of history up till the present,...

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