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These Are Our Favorite Automotive Technologies Disrupting The Industry

There is so much to talk about automotive technology!

It’s already 2020, the year where most people predicted that the skies would be predominant with flying cars and AI-friendly automobiles. Although the latter has been made a reality, the former remains a far-fetched innovation in the field of automobiles. We have witnessed a number of innovations through the turn of the century from the old-fashioned vintage cars to the ever so fast sports cars that go from 0 to 60 within seconds. The industry is currently going through rigorous disruption with innovative automotive technology.

However, there have been several innovations that are our personal favorites, and tech-savvies around the globe have always been keen to know more about their functions, pros, and cons. Therefore, after comprehensive research and following the trends of the past few years, our personal favorite innovations include V2V communication, versatile cruise control, and smart voice and GPS integration. 

What is V2V Communication?

V2V communication, however, has sparked the interest of many. It basically means a vehicle to vehicle communications and refers to a situation when automobiles are linked to a network and are able to communicate with each other along with transferring and processing information of the environment around them.

Someone once described V2V communication as “automobiles with a mobile phone” and it is the simplest and the purest definition for anyone who wants to get the gist of V2V communication. 

Such information can include everything from the speed at which the vehicle is moving to where the vehicle intends to go or where is the final destination that has been set on the GPS. However, this communication has its cons as well- it is only functional to a certain extent and distance of automotive connectivity. Now, although V2V communication is still a prototype automotive technology, we believe that it has immense potential to grow and become a necessity in the future of automobiles.

Transport authorities around the world have strictly considered the use of such technology. The support comes from the faith that V2V technology can serve as a means to reduce accidents. Now, instead of working autonomously, V2V communication system make it easier to process critical information with vehicles in close proximity. Factoring in accidental prevention systems in modern cars means that every vehicle will be more safe on the road preventing collisions. Hypothetically speaking, if implemented wisely throughout the country, the probability of deaths will subsequently come down.

What sets V2V technology apart?

Now, one feature that most of us are quite familiar with is the versatile cruise control feature that we see in most cars these days. Cruise control is the functionality that equips the driver to enjoy a better driving experience. It makes proper use of sensors to detect obstacles near or coming progressively closer to the vehicle and regulate the speed of the vehicle. 

Most cars have in-built motion sensors and cameras to aid the cruise control feature which comes in handy in a variety of situations.

GSP and Voice Integration

Moving further, another one of the fan-favorite technology to have graced the automobile industry is the GPS and smart voice integration. 

It is the era of smart houses, smartphones, and smart computers. And there is no reason why we should be devoid of smart cars. Smart cars are no more just a conception, these are a reality and have been here for a while with the turn of the decade. As we know one of the most common reasons why accidents happen is because commuters ignore the traffic signs and make use of their electronic devices like mobile phones. 

With the dawn of smart voice integrations in cars and other automobiles, these hindrances can now be resolved in a very precise manner- drivers can simply use their voice to navigate through their devices which are already synced with the interface. 

It not only restricts the use of other electronic devices but also allows the driver to enjoy dual benefits at once. Quite similar is the case with a GPS system as it has only gone on to ease our day-to-day problems allowing us to see what roads are congested and which are not. GPS has always helped us answer the question of how to get from point A to B. With it being incorporated in smart cars with smart voice recognition it only enhances the quality of experience one has while driving their car.

Tell us in the comment section which is your favorite automotive technology that is revolutionizing the world?

Siddharth Kulkarni
Siddharth is an incoming FMV Analyst and B.Com Hons graduate from Delhi University. Siddharth holds several positions of authority at a college level at various societies namely The Young Entrepreneurs Society and The Hult Prize. He is an enterprising youngster who is passionate about learning and growing as a person with each successive day. He is a hardworking and self-confident individual who possesses zeal and grit and loves to work with details. Being a sportsperson as well as an academic achiever, he love to surround himself with healthy competition.





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