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10 Best Writing Desks That Fit Your Need And Budget

COVID-19 led pandemic has confined the world to their homes. Thanks to technological advancements, the workforces didn’t come to an unprecedented halt due to the virus outbreak. Work-from-home has become a new normal and while many organizations are switching back to full-time working hours in the office, we still can’t deny that people are not ready for this. A massive portion of the working population worldwide would rather freelance from the part of the world they like than moving back to the regular office culture.

If you are one of those people who are having a whale of a time while working from home, we want to remind you to take care of your body too. Working from home can not only induce unproductivity more often, bad posture while working- worse, working while laying on the bed- can actually give you life-long body deformities and ailments.

While you are working from home temporarily or freelancing, investing in office setup at your place is a non-negotiable deal. It is crucial to have a specific workspace that is isolated, peaceful and detached from the interference of family members/roommates willingly with good Wi-Fi coverage.

Setting up a decent workstation enables you to cut down joint stress, muscle fatigue and encourages you to get through the day effortlessly.

Invest in a good writing desk today

Stop slouching on your bed or couch while working. A bad posture can affect three significant parts of your body that often create maximum trouble in older age- neck, spine, and hip and knee joints. Sitting in postures that your body doesn’t approve of can give you lifelong joint pain and therefore, trouble in doing extensive physical activities.

Having a decent desk in your house for work from home is going to bring in a world of positive change. It’s like a ripple effect- you begin with sitting right which leads to a higher motivation level and more productivity.

Choosing the right writing desk for your working space is not a herculean task. It all comes down to the arrangement of your home, the nature of your work (do you travel more often or stay at home), and the amount of space you require.

A great writing desk is the centerpiece of the workspace. Because you’ll be sitting (or standing) at it for hours and cracking significant meetings and deals.

Here are the 10 best writing desks from Amazon that will surely offer you everything that you require from your work-from-home schedule.

10 Best Writing Desks For Customized Work From Home Needs

1. Adequate movable desk for small space

Fancasa Movable Portable Adjustable Notebook Computer Stand

The first on our list is a simple yet robust product with a modern design. This minimalist design desk is specifically customized for the little space with an assortment of user-friendly features. If you don’t have enough space in your apartment and want something as little and useful as possible, this is your best bet.

You can easily move this one to any corner of your house as it comes with nylon wheels that can either be kept locked or free. If you are an explorer and want to take your workstation along with you to the places you are visiting, this writing desk by Fancasa is portable.

2. Efficient storage for multitasking professionals

LUFEIYA Small Desk for Home Office Small Spaces

This is another entry on our list that would provide the best utility without taking too much space. It is small and still comes with useful extensions to store things efficiently. On the left side is a small rack for the storage of magazines, documents, files, books, etc. It also provides a small hook on the right leg to hang your headphone, bag, or any other small item. Both the items are detachable if not required.

It has a sturdy structure with modifiable leg pads and extra stabilized steel frames that contribute to incredible resilience. Also, you can assemble this in less than 10 minutes. Additionally, the manufacturer provides two years of warranty on this writing desk.

3. For aesthetic appeal and sturdy finish

Wooden home office desk by Artswish

If you are looking for an addition to your room that would go a long way by adding visual appeal and great utility, this one is for you. This wooden desk with oak finishing is every interior designer’s dream and fits perfectly with a light interior. The durable wooden framework can endure the high weight and is suitable for multipurpose use like workstation, makeup vanity, coffee table, etc.

Along with wide space for a writing space, it also comes with hidden drawers, and wave-shaped panels adding to the minimalistic yes high storage design.

4. For the ones who are missing cubicles

CubiCubi Multipurpose Writing Desk

But here is the catch, you will love it more than your regular office cubicle.

Let your work desk look as promising as your work with this industrial-style desk by CubiCubi. This one is for the people with piles of files to cross-check while working on a table that feels like an office at home. The shelf at the top of this table is the major highlight where you can place photos of your friends and family and cute little plants. At the bottom, it comes with a shelf, ideal for storing files and documents, safely.

And the best is, everything is detachable and thus you can willingly decide how much space your writing desk requires in different corners of your home.

5. For gamers/YouTubers/music producers, working from home

LUFEIYA L Shaped Computer Desk

This L-shaped sturdy desk is the best utility for anyone who multitasks at more than one device. Made up of heavy-duty metal design, has modifiable leg pads, is strong, durable, and environment friendly. It has an elevated laptop ledge for extra storage which is handily detachable if not needed.

The desk is safe from your brisk coffee spills during work as it is waterproof. It comes with two years warranty and can be used for more than one purpose.

6. The one for people who refuse to settle

SIMBR Standing Desk Converter

Sometimes, you want to stand and work, other times, you would prefer to sit and work in a relaxed manner. In either condition, your desk should adjust according to your need, not vice versa.

Because it only takes a second to adjust, a standing desk is ideal for people who have comas after eating or simply wish to stretch. This height-adjustable desk will improve your work experience. Transitioning between sitting and standing throughout the long workday gives several health benefits to the body.

The surface of the mountable desk is big enough to accommodate two laptops or monitors at once.

7. Your go-to sleek and minimalistic Organizer

MASCARO Computer Desk with Drawers

If you like your workspace not to be in basic black, white, and browns then this pure white & turquoise Masacoro desk is your pick. The combination stands for focus and style. It has a massive storage capacity 40 inches deep drawer to get your workspace tidy, and evades the struggle of load-bearing. The bottom storage shelf moreover submits adequate space for pen holders, small printers, and other office supplies.

The surface of this writing desk is waterproof and scratch-proof therefore, eliminating any scope of damage to the product. If you have any doubt about the quality of the product then know that it has got amazing reviews and a five-star rating on Amazon.

8. For the avid reader in you

Coahoma Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

So you are a literature aficionado and always want your books handy while working on your writing desk? Here is the perfect entry for you. This computer desk with shelves fits snugly in a corner to maximize your limited space, allowing you to separate storage for your PC host, books, lamp, and other goods, freeing you from the hassle of cluttered tiny items.

It comes with shelves on the side to store books, files, documents, etc., and is absolutely detachable.

This sturdy thick wooden desk is waterproof and anti-scratch. The X-style shelf layout carves the desk stability. It also has enough space for writing, studying, gaming, and other home office activities. Another entry on our list with amazing reviews and customer satisfaction.

9. Full of utility for organized multitasking

Mr. IRONSTONE Computer Desk

This entry on the list is the rip-off of the second one on the list. The only difference is that this one comes with an added utility design. Along with a bed on the side for storing magazines and books, and a hook on the other side to hang your headphones, it also comes with a cup holder so that you don’t spill your coffee on your files.

You got an array of colors and sizes to select the perfect desk that perfectly suits your style and room. You get a storage bag, a cup holder, and a headphone hook for an extra inch of space. The two metal bars strengthen the strength of the desk and curb the desk from shaking. This desk will meet your needs in a small space.

Classic, durable, and highly organized- that’s the best way to define this design in three words.

10. Classic aesthetics meet utility

ODK Triangle Corner Desk

Adorne your house corners with this triangle design desk which makes complete use of your corner space. At first glance, it looks like an ancient home interior piece for your living room. But the moment you lay your eyes on the keyboard tray below the surface, you realize that you have found the perfect writing desk to go with your home interior.

At the bottom is a triangular storage space that is perfect to store books, vases, bags, or anything else that you like. The sturdy wooden frame not only makes it a solid piece that will go a long way but also gives it a renaissance touch as if Shakespear just wrote his sonnets while sitting on this exquisite desk.

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