Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Check Here If Your Data Was Among Facebook Leak List Too- 500 Million Users Suffer Breach

More than 500 million Facebook users’ data has been hacked including Mark Zuckerberg’s cell phone number. The database has been publicly accessible on hacking forums as Facebook data leak list and can be accessed for only a couple of dollars. 

The data of nearly 533 million records have fallen prey to hackers. Facebook has about 2.8 billion users whose data is used by the platform for its business operations. This facebook data is now leaked and the list is available openly on hacking forums. Criminals generally employ databases like this in social engineering attacks, phishing emails, and more.

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Information of users from 106 countries comprising 32 million in the United States, 11 million in the United Kingdom, 6 million in India, and remaining from different parts of the world has been leaked in the giant hack. These details include Facebook IDs, phone numbers, full names, geographical location, birthdays, Facebook bios and email addresses, etc. Business Insider came out and broadcasted the news, evaluating a specimen of the leaked data, validated from varied records by approximating known Facebook user’s phone numbers. 

Facebook accounts in the data leak.

  • United States of America: 32 million
  • Italy: 35 million
  • United Kingdom: 11 million
  • Spain: 10 million
  • Tunisia: 39 million
  • Saudi Arabia: 28 million
  • India: 6 million

Facebook response on the 500 million+ data leak list.

There hasn’t been any official response from Facebook yet. However, in a noticeable Twitter post, a Facebook employee tweeted that merely the ”old data” was circulated. Regardless, people are exceedingly criticizing that the leaked data primarily includes solid information like date of birth which can’t be remade so it is unfair to call the data old.

How can I check if my Facebook data leaked too?

To check whether you are among the users whose Facebook data has been released in the massive hack, go to Have I been Pawnd and enter the email ID that you used to form a Facebook account.

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