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Defining The Future Of Men’s Fashion With David Beckham

Soccer and fashion go hand in hand for former footballer David Beckham. A renowned football player from the U.K. and a global heartthrob, Beckham adds a touch of vintage to his style. It is not that he is “fascinated,” it is not that he wakes up realizing, “I need to look good today,” in the morning. It is just a twitching worry. 

Beckham is turning into an entrepreneur as he inaugurates his retail store in Covent Garden.

So, nobody should be shocked that he purchased a stake in Kent & Curwen, a former Savile Row menswear company, and planted it in Covent Garden. Though he exited from the venture after losses. It is the latest acquisition of his Seven Global business, which Beckham and Simon Fuller co-own. He invests separately in the fashion brand of his wife, Victoria Beckham, and his stated new career direction is to ‘own and develop businesses’. 

Let us find out how a former soccer player has overstepped sports to build a fashion and luxury empire.

The Future of Fashion- David Beckham

When you take care of yourself, you look fine. And you feel fine when you look good.

-David Beckham

“Beckham does not share a lot about the items of House 99, how they feel or smell, and whatever he thinks about them. He does not need to. David Beckham is a great sports star as well as an emblem of stylish look, and to us, that is how he will be looked at in the future as well,’ said an H&M spokesperson who works on a bodywear line with the soccer hero. “We are very pleased with the collaboration and look forward to launching this autumn’s new collection.”

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Beckham was a style freak. 

David had an evaporating sense of fashion from his early days of college. He never went without a luxurious outfit around the corner. His soccer career was initiated at Manchester united in 1992. He was encouraged with six English premier league titles and two football association cups in his 11 years of sportsman journey.

After gathering all the fame and name in football, David met Victoria Adams in 1997. Two years later, their son was born, and the couple got married. Many of them assumed that Victoria was known to be lucky for him. It was only because of her that he started raising his interest in fashion and styling.

When they stand together, they become a brand.

Well, that is true as we have seen the couple strutting down the red carpet together, parties wearing matching outfits, giving the sense of power couple.

After all, Beckham did not just roll with any Spice Girl. He married the posh one. It meant gaining exposure to brands and evolving with his style (he once wore a sarong famously), effectively adjusting the buzz around him to be about his appearance rather than his soccer ability.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham in a sarong

Beckham was also known for his ever-changing hair: cornrows, frosted tips, bleached locks, mohawk, mullet, shaved head, bun, ponytail, headband, everything he got.

Beckham’s shift toward fashion was outrageous.

During Beckham’s 20-years of career, he created a reputation for himself as a midfielder with an uncanny ability to kick a ball in one direction and have its “bend” in an exceedingly other. (This is, of course, wherever the 2002 film Bend It Like Beckham got its name.)

After quite a decade with Manchester United, he went on to own a successful four-year run with the Real Spanish capital and compete in his last World Cup. Then his career shifted profoundly: In 2007, he joined the LA Galaxy, a team within the US’s fledgling majors’ soccer. Abandoning several of the best groups in Europe, and therefore within the sport, for a far less prestigious league signaled that his football game star was waning.

It additionally helped that his look levelled up. The Beckham’s listed modish risks for safer, ostentatious fashion sensibilities. In 2008, Victoria launched her mortal fashion line. She came to her whole with seriousness, and after some initial doubts, her line received critical acclaim. Due to his wife, however, Beckham had access to a replacement stage again: the entire fashion world. You will currently notice him sitting front row at runway shows in the big apple and Milan.

David Beckham at Victoria’s London Fashion Week

Final Word

That is not to say millennials do not drink the Beckham Kool-Aid. (Ahem. Hi.) Beckham is aware of wherever the youngsters (well, young adults) are, connecting Instagram in 2015 with a selfie in honor of his fortieth birthday. He was stony-broke, a record for a fastest-growing account, amassing 5.5 million followers during a week; he currently has virtually forty-eight million.

He is still an inspiring man who has been the game-changer in the fashion world and probably the future of fashion and lifestyle in the world.

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