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Everything You Need To Know Before Using CBD Lube- Safety Comes First

You may have come across CBD lip balms, CBD face oil for face and CBD toothpaste. They were not joking when they say you can use CBD for everything. Cannabidiol is increasingly being used for multiple purposes with every passing day. And one of the latest of all the CBD products is CBD lube. This chemical compound made out of the cannabis plant has been scientifically proven to be effective in sleeping disorders, anxeity, fibromyalgia, pain, etc. Now, people are increasingly testifying the role of CBD lube in enhacing their sexual life, although no significant scientific proof exists as of now.

What is CBD Lube and what is it used for?

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component that is found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, also called marijuana. No, CBD will not get you high. The thing that makes you high is weed tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. CBC that is available for sale has a slight to no THC. It is recommended to talk to your physician before you try out a CBC lubricant as it possibly can interact with any medications you are putting up with.

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For many, CBD lube can be a substitution for the other good lubricants and could deal with a few personal issues that a person might be facing in the bedroom.

A lot of women have reportedly attained orgasm and high sensation with the usage of CBD lube. CBD is believed to boost blood flow, decrease inflammation, and also benefits the problem of muscle relaxation. These benefits also make CBD lube a great choice for women who undergo pain during intercourse.

However, all these experiences and benefits are reports and are not backed by scientific studies. Still, there is an overwhelming number of professionals who are recommending cannabis or CBD products to their patients who face problems with arousal. The

This can be used before sex to prepare the body to get ready quicker as CBD promotes blood flow, muscle peace and incitement.

How to use a CBD Lube?

Many corporations name their products “pre-lube” as it takes a little of your time to absorb and feel the effects of it. This can take approximately 15-20 minutes of your time or can take more of it depending on the individual body type ingredients. Make a note that when you’re using it, do not expect any instant results or effects. Using a CBD lube is not a bullet-speed experience. Think of it as public transportation where everything is taking its own time to get done. 

How to use CBC Lube:-  Apply the lubricant to the inside of the vagina, vulva, and anus, and then just calm down and wait for the ingredients to initiate the effect. You can read or hear a seductive story or just put your clothes back on and chill in the meantime ingredients start to lose their effects. We suggest using it inside the vagina to maximize sexual stimulation.

Do CBD Lube show effects on the penis?

Ugh no,  CBD lubes do not have much effect on the penis as the skin tissues of the penis are distinct and are less absorbent than those of a vulva or vagina. While having sexual intercourse, it is generally advised to use it for women’s vagina instead of men’s penis.

What are the threats or risks of CBD lubricant?

  1. Reliability and quality of lubricant.

One of the biggest challenges the CBD lube industry faces is originality. The number of duplicates and fake CBD lube are flooding the market and therefore, the buyer needs to be extra cautious

  1. There is not much knowledge about CBD

Some particular CBD products became legitimate and lawful to sell and buy in the United States in the year 2018. As the research and studies were exceptionally limited so there were prior restrictions. More studies and research are coming across in the forthcoming years since the products are now out in the marketplace. Yet, there are a bunch of debatable facts about the existing usefulness. It is always advised to refer to a doctor if you are unsure about the use.

A very commonly asked question that comes up with this topic is that

“Can we use CBD Lube with sex toys?”

You should mostly resist using these oil-based lubricants, on your rubber silicone sex toys. However, you can indeed use these lubricants if your sex toys are made of stainless steel or glass. You can go for water-based lubes in the former case. If you only have an oil-based lubricant, religiously obey the instructions of the lubricant. Use the product and be patient enough to wait for approximately 15-20 minutes. Also, make sure to clean your sex toy before using it as any other left-over lube might interact that you are about to use.

Should you go for CBD Lube?

For now, whether you should use CBD lubricants or not is ambiguous. There are assumptions that through using CBD lubricants, women are just running drugs down their vaginas. The reality is completely ironic, CBD is a 200% non-intoxicating substance that just helps in relieving the pain that most women suffer during sexual intercourse. The CBD is also eligible for decreasing uncertainty. Using a CBD lubricant while having sexual intercourse is allowing women to loosen up and enjoy sex and not making them high as what drugs do.

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