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7 Smart Leisure Travel Vans Hacks That Are Lifesaver For Travelers

Travelers, thank us later!

Life in leisure travel vans appears absolutely fun and adventurous. Who wouldn’t want to explore different places while constantly driving around in your cute personalized home on wheels? The feeling is nothing short of exhilarating. Waking up every day is an escapade with a new destination under your feet. It saves you the exhaustion of catching a flight, booking Uber, or boarding trains while also saving you the cost of accommodation.

Life is easier and more happening on wheels. Not really!

If you have spent some part of your life in leisure travel vans, you would know about the struggles that come along with the nomadic lifestyle. Waking up feeling giddy in the initial days of the trip, adjusting in limited space with limited things, finding yourself alone on the roadsides late at night, and refraining from opening the doors and windows due to safety purposes, life in leisure travel vans comes with its fair share of hardships.

However, this does not mean that there is no fix to pursue your wanderlust. Experienced travelers who have formerly embarked on the adventure of life in a travel van can tell you life is full of smart hacks to make the most of your experiment.

Some of these hacks begin the moment you buy your leisure travel van and start customizing it, while most of the others are for the time you are already on road. Whatever it is, these smart leisure travel van hacks will make your journey so much easier.

7 Smart Leisure Travel Vans Hacks For Best Travel Experience

1. Keep a lot of Styrofoam handy

Your van windows and doors can get on your nerves a lot while on your trip. There will be moments where you will crave some privacy but the view from your van is equally interesting as the view from outside. Similarly, during the daytime, especially during summers, your leisure travel vans can turn into a furnace. You have got to have something handy to deal with such issues. This is where Styrofoam would come to the greatest help.

Stick the sheet your windows for the best solution.

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2. Smart crockery shopping

Nothing about your adventurous leisure travel van life is regular. And therefore, buying regular crockery for your house on wheels would definitely be a bad choice. Always buy nesting wares, bowls, spoons, glasses, and plates. These will not only help you manage storage space but will also help you to carry along cutlery of different sizes for different purposes.

Below are our favorite nesting ware that are definitely a buy for smart storage-

3. Roll your clothes into burritos

Rolling your clothes into small tiny burritos rather than folding them will help you save a lot of space. When you pile your clothes in traditional square folds, pulling one out might mess up the whole stack when you are moving. Leisure travel vans have tiny closets so rolling clothes gives you extra space.

Isn’t this a huge hack particularly when you carry a lot of clothes?!

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4. Think big! Your oven is your cupboard

No, not while you are cooking. But when you are not using your microwave, be smart and use it for storage. Always make sure to check that your microwave is turned off when you store items like books, clothes, etc. in your oven. Same goes for when you are about to cook something.

5. Use as many hooks as possible

Aesthetics matter. But while living in a leisure travel van, so does the storage. You can use a lot of hooks in your RV to hang your clothes, bags, towels, purses, etc. Don’t worry about aesthetics. Below we have shortlisted the 3 most aesthetic wall hooks that will actually add to the beauty appeal of your leisure travel van-

6. Fix a suspension rod in your shower

This hack is like a spinoff of the oven hack. Just as you can use your oven like a tiny cabinet for storage when not cooking, you can use your shower area like a closet. During the time when you have to take shower, you can remove the suspension rod carefully and fix it back when done. Another smart way to make the best use of every corner of your leisure travel van.

7. Invest in a digital photo frame

Decorating the walls of leisure travel vans can be a tricky task as the space is very small and too many pictures can make the van look cramped up. Nevertheless, travelers must not be refrained from putting up the photos of all the people they love in their tiny home-on-wheel. Here is where a digital photo frame would be the best bet for you. Digital photo frame plays a slideshow of your favorite photos on repeat without taking up your entire wall.

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