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How To Deal With A Bad Boss- Never Tell Him/Her These 6 Things

Humans are complex creatures. No matter how much we assure ourselves and others to be fair and just, we often lose the hold on our resolutions when it comes to profit. This is especially true in the case of businesses and workplaces. Your co-workers and boss might be a good person in general, however, things can be pretty different in professional terms. If the details about your personal life and personality traits might benefit your colleague or a boss to gain an advantage in the business world, they might as well make use of it. The hard truth is, businesses may in any case settle on choices dependent on the subtleties of a worker’s life. And this often leaves an employee thinking, ‘how to deal with a bad boss’?

Another truth is, your boss might not be bad but it is you who lay the table before him, serving the fresh meat straight from the details of your life. Who wouldn’t devour on a feast? Everyone is hungry after all.

From passing judgment on employee’s dependence on Facebook photographs to mulling over advancing somebody with kids or a constant sickness when another worker is liberated from those commitments or challenges, there are sorts of possible traps. By uncovering some private data to your boss, you might suffer in your professional space and that’s why the answer to the question becomes important- How to deal with a bad boss like that? 

The straight answer is, there are certain things that you should never tell your boss. Stick to these 6 rules and you will sail through the headwinds at the workplace, quite gracefully.

How to Deal With a Bad Boss? Never Tell These 6 Things To Them

Don’t tell your boss about your night life

Regardless of whether you’re perusing sleep time stories to your children or hitting the bars each night, your supervisor shouldn’t know the slightest bit about your nightlife.

If you can’t finish a night-time work task because of a hot date or assisting kids with schoolwork, it’s ideal to just demonstrate that you have different commitments at home. Keep your private life to yourself and don’t let anybody else take your advantage due to your lifestyle choices. 

Never tell your boss about your Strict Beliefs 

It’s illegal to victimize strict convictions yet discussing religion over and over again is unnecessary and might create differences (except if you work for a strict association). In the worst case, you won’t even know that differences have been developed.

If your work obligations involve something that disregards a strict conviction, you ought to make some noise. You shouldn’t really be explicit with your boss. You can essentially demonstrate that the job needing to be done disregards one of your convictions. On the off chance, present another option or workaround. 

We’re completely qualified for our own strict convictions yet respect the fact that not every person wants to go by rigid principles. A working environment isn’t a congregation. It’s about good judgment. A Bible statement on your desk area is no biggie. However, converting and attempting to challenge the beliefs of others around you will cause some disturbance. It might actually put your professional stability in dangerous territory. 

Don’t tell your boss about your Political Affiliation 

The speediest method to estrange individuals in a blended group is to discuss political issues. 

Your political association ought to stay private for obvious reasons. While you won’t gain anything by asserting your political views at your workplace, you will still create an awkwardness around you, causing discomfort to your colleagues. Your political affiliation also says a lot about your personality trait. For example, a left supporter might be witnessed by superiors at the workplace as too liberal and the one who cannot be tamed by defined rules. If you portray your right sentiments at the organization, your colleagues might shut you out thinking you are not open-minded and that will not explore outside your defined set of principles.

Regardless of whether your supervisor treats you similarly, political biases actually exist and could undoubtedly harm you. 

Your Partner’s Income 

You may be asking why this is on the rundown yet trust us — your supervisor shouldn’t know about your mate’s pay. If your partner is a CEO of a high-profile organization and earns a six-figure paycheck, congrats! Now keep it to yourself. Don’t trick your boss into thinking that your partner is already fulfilling your needs and that, you don’t need a big fact amount.

On the contrary, if your partner is a homemaker and you are the only breadwinner in your family, again! We are proud of you but don’t disclose it before your boss. You wouldn’t want them to think that you are vulnerable to any financial lures in the name of responsibilities. If you are sure you are dealing with a bad boss, how can you go so far to disclose such minute detail of your life?

You’re Working Another Job 

As of 2019, the census revealed that more than 13 million people in the U.S. are working more than one job. And that’s normal. Almost everyone you meet might be working multiple jobs to either make the ends meet or just grow quickly in monetary terms. However, never tell this to your boss.

Organizations frequently create and grow non-rivalry arrangements and approach complying employees to hold just one work.

Also, if you have a yearly survey with your chief and he/she refers to abatement in your performance, your boss could undoubtedly blame the time and energy you’re investing in your other job, no matter how efficient you are. Try not to give anybody any reasons to scrutinize your hard-working attitude. 

7. Your Living Situation 

Nobody at work has to think about your everyday environment, regardless of whether you’re at home with your folks or battling to make your home loan installment. 

This is another part of your life that could make others judge you or make an issue for you where your manager is concerned. It can likewise uncover different subtleties of your life, making you vulnerable to assumptions, judgments and lures.

Joash Barrow
Joash is an author and a motivational speaker, studying business from Bhopal. Apart from fabricating words into narratives, singing, football and playing guitar gives equal joy to Joash's artistic calling. A people's person, Joash knows how to leverage his interpersonal skills to build good human relations and nurture them along way.






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