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8 Studied Methods To Overcome Anxiety Once And For All

Stress and anxiety, we frequently use these two phrases interchangeably, however, the two are quite different from psychological discipline. Stress is a reciprocation to danger in a circumstance, your body’s response to a challenge which can vary in severity and length. Anxiety, on the other hand, is the reaction to fear. According to Stanford’s University Associate Chair of Psychiatry, David Spigel, when stressed, we generally know what’s bothering us but with anxiety, you are less, if not at all, conscious of what you’re anxious about and the response is generally the response to that fear only.

Extreme cases of anxiety disorder can impact the person and professional life of the patient. However, this is not all. Anxiety disorder also affects physical health and can cause symptoms like chest pain, an increase in heartbeat rate, increase blood pressure, etc. Anxiety can even develop heart diseases in the person in long-run.

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Having said that, here are the scientifically proven methods that can help you with the question- how to deal with anxiety and end it forever.

8 studied tips on how to deal with anxiety


Doctors often say that 30 minutes or more of some physical workout in a day can plummet the symptoms of anxiety. In general, it does not make a difference what kind of workout you’re doing, in the end, it should be physical training. You can aim for something that brings you enjoyment like dancing or running around with your pet. Do what you enjoy and something that boosts your heart rate. Making exercising your routine and being constant with it will bring you favourable results.


Integrate aromatherapy on your day to day basis if you need to get over your anxious self. Scented candles and essential oils, even plants with delightful fragrances can help you to curtail anxiety. Surrounding yourself with alleviating aromas can calm down the mind and bring your thoughts at peace. Lavender oil has specifically proven to cure insomnia. Fill your living area and bedroom with all sorts of uplifting fragrances.

Get exposure

The most inappropriate thing you can do to yourself while feeling anxious is cutting yourself off. The next time you feel that anxiety is engulfing you, head out for a walk in nature. Step out of your shell, inhale fresh air and fix your sight on the greenery around. If you live in a concrete forest where getting fresh air isn’t really an option, set up an ambience like that in your home. Decorate your home with indoor plants, use room fragrances that are similar to natur’s aroma, buy an air purifier and get your walls redone with wallpapers that can create illusion of being into the wild.


Meditation assists in calming down the fast-paced thoughts, making it easier to control anxiety. The prime purpose of meditation is to learn how to be mindful. Concentrate on your breath, and feeling the heart that is beating inside you. Experience the joy of being alive. No medicine or therapy can work better than meditation to cure your anxiety. If you manage to make meditation part of your everyday routine, anxiety would soon become an alien concept to you.


Yoga is a precise medley of meditation and exercise and a highly effective answer to your question about how to deal with anxiety. Every year, Americans spend a whopping $16 billion on yoga trainers, equipment, consultation, and more. Not only anxiety, but yoga can also develop your spiritual instinct while also keeping your physical health in check. It not only makes your body stretchable but also your mind.


A sufficient amount of sleep in a day is an uncompromisable need. Getting enough and good sleep replenishes the brain and strengthens our focus and mood. Your brain will automatically feel energized when you start getting a sufficient amount of sleep. Lack of sleep is proven to increase anxiety symptoms by 30% while also aggravating the mood swings and negative thoughts.


Biofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy can be a helpful method in uncovering what elements are making you anxious. They can also provide a route to eradicate, confront and deal with elements that are influencing your life. Many of us may be unwilling to seek help with an experienced counselor. Getting off from such slurs is essential as therapy is another significant source of coping with anxiety disorder. Professional help is any day better than self-help.

Eradicate stress 

Record things you perform in a day, closely look over your activities to maintain a check where you are overscheduling. Reorganize your schedule to eliminate things that are not essential and create more time for yourself. Most of the negative thoughts and doubts taking space in your head are due to too many responsibilities and tasks to be done.

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