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Highlights From Jeff Bezos’s Investment Portfolio- Thank Us Later!

A billion bucks might not be your cup of tea. But how Bezos makes those billions should definitely be.

It is not always easy to figure out how to put your money to the best use. Investment is an art, and sometimes, the best form of this art is imitation. And when it comes to multiplying your wealth, you would be better to learn from than the world’s richest man and the biggest business mogul of the modern world, Jeff Bezos.

While the billion-dollar investments that the world’s wealthiest make might sound impossible to afford. However, looking at the investment portfolio of the likes of Jeff Bezos, you will gather a better understanding of what industries hold the most potential and what is the emerging future of the market.

One of the most crucial aspects of investing right is being aware of what the future holds. If you still believe in investing your money in obsolete sectors when climate change is altering all the dynamics of the globe, this post will come in handy.

Today, we will look at the investment portfolio of one of the modern world’s most powerful businessmen, Jeff Bezos, and how and where he invests his money. Most people would be overwhelmed with what to do with so much money. As of Aug 8, 2021, Jeff Bezos’ net worth is estimated at $193.3 billion. And so, it is no surprise that Jeff Bezos has put all his money into a variety of businesses ranging from real estate and fintech to charitable funds and philanthropic pursuits.

Highlights From Jeff Bezos’ Investment Portfolio

Real Estate

The real estate sector constitutes a substantial part of Jeff Bezos’s investment portfolio. A whopping $500 million real estate collection that will leave you jaw-dropping. Owning 17% of the whole Amazon empire made him a potential real estate investor.

Jeff owns three condominiums in New York City, all of which are in a building overlooking the world-famous and pricey Madison Square Park. He purchased the condos in 1999 for a massive $7.65 million. Now the property’s value is huge in the current price rate, i.e. $16 million, which is a 3,000 square foot luxury apartment. The specifications of the apartment include three bedrooms and three and a half baths.

From Beverly Hills, two mansions’ to the most expensive property ever sold in Los Angeles, i.e. Warner estate to biggest ranches in America, Jeff Bezos is the 25th largest landowner in the U.S.A. The corn ranches multimillion-dollar property, approximately the same size as New York, also serves as the headquarters for Blue Origin.

Amazon also enjoys control over 40% of Seattle’s office space. According to the Seattle Times, the company has invested almost $4 billion in properties. Back then, It was in 2015 that Forbes disclosed Jeff Bezos holdings in America, constituting 300,000 acres of land in his personal portfolio.

Media and newspaper

In 2013, Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post, a 140-year-old newspaper. At that time, the media company was struggling on the financial front. Due to the advancement of digital news and media, newspaper outlets were bleeding money. Maintaining the high-end cost of running a newspaper outlet were barely being met. 

However, Bezos decided to invest in it because of twofold reasons. One, because of its historical significance. In Bezos’ own words – “It is the newspaper in the capital city of the most important country in the world. The Washington Post has a vital role to play in this democracy. There’s no doubt in my mind about that.” Second because even though the internet took away its customers, it offered something greater – global distribution capabilities.

Bezos has also invested in Twitter, Inc. and purchased a 3% stake in the popular business news website Business Insider.

Tech, Travel and Tourism In Jeff Bezos’ Investment Portfolio

Jeff Bezos’ investment portfolio is no short of stakes in tech, travel and tourism services. The Amazon Founder has invested $112 million in Airbnb with an additional $37 million in Uber. As a huge admirer of cloud computing and technology, Bezos didn’t restrict himself to just AWS, but he holds stakes in other significant ones too. Most notable among all his cloud investments is Workday, Inc., a cloud-based Human Resource service provider. Soon after the company appeared in Jeff Bezos’ investment portfolio, it went public and collected $684 million in IPO. Talking about his investment in more traditional spheres, Bezos has also invested in Glassybaby, which makes glass-blown holders for votive candles.

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Charitable Trusts and Foundations

Jeff Bezos’ investment portfolio is a diverse and varied one. But so are his humanitarian spending, like donating to Worldleader in 2013- non-profit providing books to people in third world countries. He also donated to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press in 2017, and NPO is dedicated to providing journalists with pro bono legal services. He also carried out large donations in 2018 to charities like TheDream.US,  Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Venture, and With Honor.

In September 2018, Bezos and his ex-wife, MacKenzie, officially founded  Bezos Day One Fund- a new charitable organization. The money is focused on helping low-income and homeless families of America. Bezos pledged that the initiative would amount to $2 billion. In 2020, the fund announced Bezos Day 1 Families Fund leadership awards. These include 42 recipients from 24 states who will immediately be funded with $105.9 million worth of donations. The organization continues its critical work of providing shelter and support for young families in communities across the country.

Miscellaneous Projects

Jeff Bezos has also been involved in projects that might be called bit off-the-beaten-path type pursuits. His project of installing a 10,000-year clock on the side of the Sierra Diablo mountain range in Texas is inspired by the idea shown in the movie “Wired” (1995). It is a $42 million project and is currently under construction—the goal of being building a mechanical clock that will run for 10 millennia. The full project is being funded by Bezos’ Bezos Expeditions.

Another expedition taken up by Bezos is the recovery and restoration of F1 engines from the ocean floor, which were once used in the Apollo 11 spaceship that took humanity to the moon. Parts were salvaged to create two complete F-1 engine displays that are on display at The Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.

Bezos is certainly not driving this trend on his own. Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, and Bill Ackman are just some of the others. All the biggest people in tech and fund management are investing much more of their corporate and personal money in real estate. They are extremely bullish on it. Jeff Bezos, through his investment company Bezos Expeditions, is invested in other companies such as Nautilus Biotechnology, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Domo, Mindstrong Health, Fundbox, Mark43, etc.

For more information on Jeff Bezos’ investments and to read about each project in detail, visit www.BezosExpeditions.com.

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