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Instagram Already Noticed the Impending Divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

After 6.5 years of bounty marriage, Kim Kardashian has officially filed a divorce from Kanye West as verified by TMZ on Friday afternoon. The divorce documents were filed by Kim’s lawyer Laura Wasser, and reportedly don’t list the date of separation. The troubles between the limelight couple Kim and Kanye can be traced back to last July during Kanye’s presidential campaign. The couple hasn’t given any public announcement on their social media handles like Instagram and Twitter but the world already knew that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West weren’t gonna last for long.

The biggest event leading to the progress of long-predicted separation came when the couple was whacked with heated rumors about Kanye’s disloyalty. More people have begun to come forward with never-before-heard stories about the couple’s relationship. A source told People magazine that they have halted their marriage counseling sessions which they have been following months from now. Kim is focused on her career, her children, and criminal justice reforms while Kanye has been devoting most of his time in Wyoming and spent last year’s chance to run for president.

How is Kim Kardashian handling the media frenzy? 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly divorcing after seven years of marriage and their fans are just starting to know what drove the shocking split. According to considerable sources who talked to Page Six, Kim can no longer put up with Kanye’s problematic escapades. Since page six crashed the information about the possible divorce, more insiders have come ahead and revealed details about Kim and Kanye’s marriage troubles.

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What makes Kim Kardashian upset about Kanye West?

Kanye’s had many public outbursts over the years but evidently, the one that got Kim upset took place in September 2020. When Kanye shared a video of himself peeing on his Grammy. The rapper wrote in the caption ‘Trust Me I Won’t Stop’. Certainly, before sharing the video Kanye took off to Twitter to rant against universal records labels and Sony and called the music industry modern-day slavery.

According to the sources, this was the decisive straw for Kim. America’s renowned media figure Kardashian has stood by Kanye throughout his many humiliations and downfalls. She even dwelled silently after he publicly embarrassed her in his presidential rally speech by disclosing that Kim almost aborted daughter North West. Meanwhile, there is another bombardment brewing on Twitter where people are ascertained that Kanye has had an affair with suspicious beauty guru Jeffree Star. However, Jeffree then intervened to shut down rumors by publicizing a video on her YouTube channel, acknowledging she never hung out with Kanye.

Sources have disclosed that it has been months since Kim and Kanye are separated. An insider told People Magazine that December was a tough month for Kim. The mother of four is living separately from Kanye and it was heavy for her to keep up with positive thoughts over the holidays. She also recently deleted a photo from her Instagram which showed her with no wedding ring.

In July 2020, Kim publicly spoke for the first time about Kanye’s mental health acknowledging his bipolar disorder, and asked for compassion and privacy for their family.

The No-Ring Pictures of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Were Already Making Rounds On Instagram

After the many outlets broadcasted that Kim was divorcing Kanye, the netizens were sharp to notice that Kim had been posting her photos without her wedding ring. But presently it seems that she has silently erased the photos fueling even more assumptions about what is cooking between her and Kanye. 

Kathy Griffin, who spoke when the pair was silent. 

Since Kim has now addressed the divorce rumors directly one person close to the pair decided to speak up before the couple addressed the rumors- Comedian Kathy Griffin, who is Kim and Kanye’s neighbor and have got closer over the years. Kim even favored Kathy during her Trump photo scandal in the year 2017 while Kathy once implied to Kim as her maid of honor. The comedian spoke up about Kim and Kanye’s relationship on Twitter and tried to give a more balanced perspective of the whole situation. 

Kim’s sisters are knowledgeable about the problem and are very supportive. They all love Kanye like a brother but somehow agree that it is best for the duo to part in their ways.

So hopefully things resume staying generous and supportive in the Kardashian-West family as Kim and Kanye go their separate ways. 

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