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5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Master Self-Control

You can save yourself from myriad troubles, embarrassments, heartbreaks, failures, and losses by building the most important psychological trait- self-control.

Some things sound immensely easy to master and seemingly insignificant. However, the truth is, small things matter the most. While self-control is not at all a small or significant psychological skill, but if you thought it to be, you would soon change your mind.

Emotions can make or break a situation for any individual. While our mind is a powerful tool and the biggest superpower that distinguishes us from other species on the planet, it can sometimes overpower an individual. When your brain overpowers you, or you lose control over it, your emotions can run wild, ruining situations and relations on every occasion. Therefore, self-control is not just about controlling your desire to gulp down one more drink before going to bed. It is actually keeping every emotion in check and reacting in a way that is the best for you.

There is nothing wrong with displaying emotions; however, not everyone can understand your psychological state. And that is absolutely fair. The only person responsible for ruined relationships, professional or personal, due to poor self-control is you.

And this is what makes self-control the key driver to become successful in life.

Humans are apprehensive about adapting to unfamiliar situations. That is where Self-control helps in the long run. It all boils down to the discipline of effectively leading your reactions.

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A human can hardly resist temptations and cravings of one liking. With self-control, one can attain the targets if they really care about them.

The good news is, if your life experiences or upbringing hasn’t allowed you to master self-control, you can still learn it.

If you want to take charge of your habits and decisions, here are the five most effective ways to help you achieve exactly what you are aiming at.

5 Ways to Master Self-Control

1. Begin with setting goal and introspecting

To succeed at any task, it is important to begin with, a goal in mind. Ask yourself why exactly do you want to master the art of self-control. Begin with identifying what the troubles that a lack of self-control is causing are. What situations and relations have you ruined because you could not keep a check on your emotions? And in that process, introspect how exactly do you lose your self-control. What are your trigger points, and what emotions overpower your personality?

It’s important to be completely aware of the condition and yourself before you begin.

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2. Plan and Track

The biggest problem with the planning stage is the execution and follow-up. Your work doesn’t end up with setting clear goals and identifying problems. Instead, figure out the ways to reach that goal and also track your progress.

For example, if you are short-tempered and cannot keep calm even during situations that do not require anguish at all, take a resolution not to react passively next time when anger takes over. If you don’t like something, don’t react immediately. Instead, take a few minutes, practice slow breathing, drink a glass of water, and step in the shoes of other people. Understand what exactly the person is trying to communicate because, while in anger, people misconstrue or intentionally avoid the perspective of others, even if they are right.

React in the opposite way than what you usually do when you lose your self-control. And if it works for you, do it every time.

3. Take care of your mind

The common source of almost all psychological disorders is “lack of sleep.” And you might not know it, but sleep deprivation is another cause of weak self-control. The prefrontal cortex of the brain needs glucose to function properly. This part of the brain plays a significant role in regulating emotions.

Lack of sleep drains the prefrontal cortex of the essential glucose, according to Harvard Business Review. In addition, if you are sleeping for less than six hours a day, you are more likely to have mood swings and find it difficult to focus.

4. Take care of your body

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Therefore, it is a priority to take care of your body and exercise regularly to keep your brain’s strength in check. The scientific reasoning for why exercise is necessary for self-control is that moderate exercise boosts blood and oxygen flow in the pre-frontal cortex area of the brain.

Apart from looking fit and fine, exercise surely makes you emotionally smarter too.

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5. Drink some lemonade, maybe!

While it’s always good to enjoy the process when you are aiming at something, the reason we are asking you to sip on some lemonade is not to lay back and have fun. Drink lemonade because it is a great source of

glucose. And glucose, as explained above, is a significant element in helping a person achieve self-control. Glucose is fuel for the brain that helps the body’s main organ to stay effectively functional.

Even your willpower can be restored by consuming a good amount of glucose.

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