Tuesday, October 19, 2021

More Than 25,000 National Guard Troops Deployed To Safeguard Joe Biden’s Inauguration

In a few hours from now, President-elect Joe Biden will be taking oath as the 46th President of the United States at Washington DC. He is set to introduce diverse administrative orders focused on altering policies on matters like immigration, environment, and racism. In the wake of the recent attack on the Capitol building by the pro-Trump extremists, more than 25,000 National Guard troops have been deployed throughout Washington D.C. to prevent any disorder during the inauguration of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Keeping the pandemic in mind, the oath-taking ceremony has been planned in a way quite different than the inauguration of former U.S. presidents. Adhering to the social-distancing norms, Americans won’t get the chance to physically pay a visit to the ceremony. Therefore, 200,000 flags have been placed at the ceremony field to represent citizens at the inauguration.

Here’s a report of what all security measures have been taken at Washington DC for the inauguration of Joe Biden

● The capital is packed by the staggering number of National Guard troops from all over the country under the command of the major general of the US Army.

● 25,000 guardsmen have been deployed to support the federal law enforcement that are prepared for pretty much anything.

● Security has been intensified with troops safeguarding caged up capital and judicial buildings.

● Lawmakers will now go through the metal detecting scanning before entering the ceremony site. 

● The stage for the inauguration is set and thousands of national guard troops are on standby.

● The FBI has circled the capital throughout.

● The safety will be paramount as ceremony will be telecasted virtually so as to cut down the huge crowd of millions.

● The capital is surrounded by razor wire fencing and thousands of guards.

● Checkpoints and barricades throughout the city.

● The areas in the national mall have been officially closed and barricaded.

● Joe Biden will take the oath of office on the steps of the US capital among the limited number of other elected officials.

● Several national guardsmen from Pennsylvania are manning a checkpoint on Massachusetts avenue.

● All the capital road closures are being navigated.

●  Some metro stations are closed, parking garages downtown are closed.

● The capital bike share has been paused temporarily.

● Armed national guardsmen patrolling the city.

● The majority of the guardsmen will be carrying semi-automatic weapons.

● Continuous intelligence briefings will be accomplished so that city officials are aware of any new threat leaking out.

● The park service has cancelled all the public gathering permits.

● The fences are topped with concertina wires. It’s sharper and considered more dangerous than barbed wire

● Everyone entering the latest secure zone in presidential inauguration is screened for weapons.

● Every manhole cover is sealed against the threats from below.

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