Privacy Policies

At Uncut Globe, our user’s privacy is our utmost priority. This section explains to the User how their information, collected by us during the usage of our services and the website by you, is used and to whom it is disclosed.  These privacy policies apply to all the products, services, events, and platforms that Uncut Globe provides to its Users. 

These privacy policies do not apply to the third party displayed on our website or the third party we appear on. 

You become subject to this Privacy Policy while using our website and different tools and the acceptance of these policy terms is applicable to you. This section also discusses the right to personal data. If you do not agree with our privacy policies, including cookie policies, please do not use the services and tools provided at Uncut Globe. 

These privacy policies become effective from the latest date of updating it. 

How is the user information collected by the client?

The following information is collected by us from the User while browsing the website. Please note that this information is used in the optimization and measurement of a better site experience for the Users. The User has the freedom to not share their information with us if they don’t wish to. However, during the process of sign up, this information is mandatory. 

1. Contact Information- this includes information like your email address, phone number, etc. 

2. Demographics- City, country, age, gender, etc. 

3. Profile Information- Username, Password

4. Device Information- This is an automatic step and collects your IP address, computer device, browser type, language, operating system, etc. 

Third-Party Information

Social media websites-

When you connect with the social media pages of Uncut Globe, you consent to provide us information available on these third party social media sites including your social media ID, username, connections, contact information, etc. 

Facebook Social Plugins

Our site uses Facebook Plugin, operated by Facebook Inc., USA. Your browser connects directly to the Facebook server, every time you use any of the pages that include social plugins. The content of the social plugin is then transferred by Facebook to your browser followed by integrating it into the website. This is the reason why we have no control over the amount of data that is collected through these social plugins by Facebook. The information it collects includes your browsing data on the pages you have accessed on our website, no matter if you are logged into your Facebook account or its User. 

Another information that is transmitted to Facebook’s server in the US and is stored there is your IP address. This also makes it possible to connect the access of your Facebook account from your Website account, if you are logged into your Facebook account already. Using the Facebook plugins directly on our Website, for example, the like button on posts, your information is instantly transferred from your browser to Facebook and it is stored and such information will be displayed publicly on Facebook including your friends. 

However, you should know that whether you interact with the social plugin or not, Facebook still retrieves your information. Please refer to the Privacy Policy section of to understand the extent of data collection, process and use of your data collected, and your rights, and the settings that you can modify to protect your privacy. You should log out from your Facebook account before accessing our website if you don’t want your browsing information to be collected by Facebook via our website and don’t want that information to be collected in your Facebook membership data section. You can always block social plugins by installing and downloading add-on like 

Direct Marketing Uses

Your name and email help us to send you updates about the Uncut Globe and the Service provided by us that you might or might not be using. In case you don’t wish to receive them, you can press the unsubscribe button on such emails. 

Browsing Information and Cookies

For information on our cookie policies, please visit the Cookie Policy section. 

To whom the personal data is disclosed

Your personal data is only shared with owners of the intellectual property rights to the Website and the software and services used on the site that is crucial for executing functions likes maintenance, updates, and support of the website) which enables us to provide you the services. 

In extraordinary cases, we can also disclose the data to the legal authorities under legal obligations. However, we will make sure that under such circumstances, you are provided notice with the disclosure of the happenings. We might not be able to do so if we are prohibited by the court of law. 

The right to sell, transfer, or assign the business or assets is reserved. However, in case the event happens, including but not limited to mergers, corporate sales, dissolutions, etc., your Personal Data is also transferred as it is part of transferred assets. The User accepts that such likelihood is possible and that Uncut Globe can still continue to collect and use your personal data as defined under this Policy. 

To provide you the necessary services or act on our behalf as defined in this Policy, our employees can also access your personal data but only to the extent that is required. 


To protect all the personal data collected by us from any sort of misuse, theft, loss, or unauthorized access, we shall make sure to maintain all physical, electronic, and procedural industry standards for safety. We make no warranty, representation, or guarantee that our Website and the Software are completely immune to any hacking, virus, or any other vulnerability or security threats. As much we relentlessly try to keep your data secure, we do not guarantee it. 

Links to the Other Sites 

The Policies and Terms do not apply to other sites and parties that are hosted on our Website. The site contains links to other sites that are for the convenience of our Users. All of these third parties are subject to their own Privacy Policies. We advise you to carefully go through the Policies and Terms of other parties and websites while surfing them. However, we make sure to host only those website links on our Site that share the same values, standards, and ethics as us. But we don’t take any responsibility for their content, actions, services/products, or practices.

Period of Storing Data

Till the time the data is needed to keep the Services and functionality of the Website running, Personal Data will be stored with us. In some cases, storing personal data is crucial to protect our or our third parties’ legitimate rights. In such cases, we may store the Personal Data for a longer period than mentioned, irrespective of the withdrawal of the consent to erase that data. 


Under no given condition shall Uncut Globe store the Personal Data of an individual aged 18 years or younger. If we mistakenly or due to any unintentional circumstance, do this, we shall delete the information of the minor from our platform. 

Questions, Complaints, and Rights of the User

If you wish to rectify or change any Personal Information that you shared with us, contact us at We don’t retain the copy of Personal Data that you choose to delete unless (i) it is to protect the legitimate interests of our or our third parties (ii) obey a government order (iii) solve a dispute or claim or a problem (iv) enforce any agreements that you’ve entered with us. 

Users are offered certain rights under which you can limit the processing of their Personal Data. You can contact us at to exercise these rights. However, you should know that once you withdraw your consent to allow us to process your Personal Data, we may not be able to provide you our services.