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Qantas Brings Back ‘Mystery Flights’ And It’s As Interesting As It Sounds

Qantas is back again with their popular 1990s mystery flights which were sold out in ten minutes back then. So what’s special about these flights? Here, the boarding passengers will be completely clueless about their destination. To rejuvenate Australia after a year filled with losses and hardships due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the leading Australian airline is set to bring this unique marketing idea into action once again.

The global pandemic changed everyone’s life in 2020 and the tourism industry took a major toll on itself. While international travel is still facing uncertainties in some countries, Australia has managed to bring the situation of virus outbreak a little under control. To revive the flying experience for the citizens of Australia, Qantas has reincarnated its innovative idea from 90a

Flight To Nowhere with Mystery Flights of Qantas Airlines

While Australia does not seem to open its international borders anytime before 2022, domestic traveling, however, has resumed.

You can jump on board from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. The mystery flight adventure is offering a private charter Qantas Boeing 737 to the mysterious exciting two-hour location. The tickets are sold out as they had only limited seats available so you will have to wait until the next time.  

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The airline provides both classes- business, and economy. The price for business class is $1,579 each, while economy class tickets have a fare of $737 each, meal and beverages included.

Qantas will operate all three flights with net-zero emissions. Taking covid into consideration, they have introduced ‘Fly Well’ packs at departure gates that will include masks and face shields for proper protection.

Qantas group executive Andrew Parker told the BBC, “What we are looking for is an assurance that at a point in time, or at a point in the vaccine rollout, further border closures will be ruled out.”

Stephanie Tully, Qantas Chief Customer Officer, in a press release said, “Our customers tell us that where they can and can’t travel within Australia has been a bit of a mystery lately. The vaccine rollout is bringing a lot more certainty and domestic border restrictions should soon be a thing of the past.

She added, “As well as helping bring more of our people back to work, these mystery flights are another way to support tourism operators in regional areas especially, who have been hit particularly hard by several waves of travel restrictions.

So What To Pack?

When traveling, the most important question arises is what clothes to pack? The questions become even more difficult to be answered when the location is anonymous and you probably have no idea what the climate conditions at the location would be like. You might wonder how and what to pack if people are not told where they were heading.

Qantas has given vague hints on where they might be landing. Upon landing you will experience anything from a lavish wine-making experience in premium wine regions to a gourmet lunch with entertainment. From dipping your toes in the salt-water to taking long strolls on the beaches. From great outdoors to farmer’s markets, all three flights land up on different locations from each other. Whatever you like, you can choose accordingly from your departure cities.

Alongside this, they will provide passengers with clues that are going to be enough to help them with their luggage.

Covid-19 Impact On The Tourism Industry

Apart from the psychological impact on human beings, Covid-19 has hit the world economy as negatively one could imagine.

As per the government guidance, large social gatherings must be avoided at all costs to control the spread of the virus. But, let’s not forget, the tourism industry survives solely on attracting and bringing in vast crowds to different places.

As traveling was completely shut off in 2020, the tourism and hospitality industry suffered worst losses than any other industry. Even after domestic traveling is allowed, with of course several travel restrictions to stay safe, there have been huge lay off among the staff members. Thai Airways International is planning to lay off half of its staff members in the upcoming years.

Travel bans, limited availability of seats, adhering to the social distancing norms, quarantine guidelines, and international border closures, all this has established a sense of fear against the travel setup. According to a press release by the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA), the Asia Pacific airlines carried only 1.3 million international passengers in January 2021, which was only 3.9 percent of what was in January 2020.

Tourism-dependant countries are most likely to experience the negative effects on a large-scale. It is reported that the tourism industry has no chance of recovery by the year 2023. This means that more layoffs may await in the future and unemployment in the hospitality industry is going to stay prevalent. According to IMF’s research on tourism after the pandemic, a major drop of 65 percent in passengers was seen in the first half of 2020. The World Economic Outlook presented that the global economy has dropped off by 4.4 percent last year and it is not getting any better.

Just like any other covid struck country, Australia faced a major hit on its tourism industry as well. A whopping 3.1 percent of Australia’s GDP consists of the tourism and hospitality industry. Covid-19 has been called a destroyer for many reasons, one of which being its negative impact on the global economy.

People who use to travel with a passion are still dreaming of traveling and have halted their plans of moving anywhere. This fear of the virus has been the reason why the tourism industry has suffered the most. 

Although traveling like before will not happen soon, we as responsible citizens should keep the protocols in mind, and travel safely. It is still a tremendous risk to gather in immense crowds, and we should do traveling with utmost care and consideration.

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