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21st Century’s Erotic Revolution- The Age Of Sex Tech and Digisexual Generation

The age of routine yet sacred sex is coming to a close, only to be substituted by the ever-so-thriving twenty-first-century jargon known as ‘artificial intelligence’ which intends to make its way into the bedrooms of more and more people by the fold of the decade. As suggested by various experts, the world we’re living in is undergoing a massive sexual revolution but don’t get too excited just yet! 

Sex tech is the new wave and well, it’s here to stay– for better or for worse. This wave has increasingly led people into identifying themselves as digisexuals or technosexuals– a term recognizing people who believe in integrating technology with their sexual and intimate experiences for better or enhanced simulation. Sex robots, virtual reality pornography, and many more such catalysts are increasingly becoming popular among digisexuals who are no longer resorting to physical intimate interactions with other humans.

Exploring intimate desires during the pandemic

With the growing concern revolving around sex during the pandemic, many have been restricted or fazed in some form or the other from indulging in sexual acts with their partners. Subsequently, the demand for smart sex toys has shot up manifold as more and more people have started to explore more ways to simulate their sexual experiences. With the sex tech industry estimated to be standing tall at a whopping $122 billion valuation globally by 2024, the sex tech industry is sure to gain decent traction even with the pandemic looming large.

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OnlyFans, a subscription-based streaming platform for digital sex workers, was pretty much one of the first revelations right after the pandemic was declared, showing yet again the power and influence of technology on the new age intimacy. Conceived back in 2020, OnlyFans became a hot favorite among communities around the globe recording roughly 200,000 new subscribers each day between the initials months of March and April 2020. 

Let’s take a look at some jaw-dropping developments in sex tech

If you thought all this was pretty cool, we’re just getting started introducing you to the new wave of sex tech! Stuck in the same scenario in another corner of the world, people started marketing “HugShirts”. You heard that right. For $250, this smart shirt cuts a hole in your pocket but will allow you to send hugs over to loved ones at a distance. The person wearing this never seen before product will feel warmth, the location of the touch, and the heartbeat of the sender for the provided duration. 

For the ones craving the gentle touch of their partners or loved one’s lips, “Kissenger” – a product by Lovotics, will solve their misery. This kissing device takes the shape of the sender’s mouth through a high level of programming and allows the receiver to receive kisses almost as if real.

Well, with the outset of such ‘never seen before’ products sexual simulation apps are not far behind. A number of erotica storytelling with multiple themes are widely available for users. Targeting the female audience, sexual wellness apps like Ferly help better educate women about their sexualities and bodies thus providing insights on how to derive enhanced sexual pleasures.

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Talking of target groups, sex tech is making strides in helping disabled people find their sexual pleasure too. Sex toys for the differently-abled have turned into an industry itself, thus leveling sexual pleasures for people from all walks.

Sex toys make up a large fraction of the sex tech industry and have been of common use in the present itself. Sexual wearables, consumables, and toys provide for a changing dynamic as far as sex and intimacy are concerned. Sex dolls having the ability to interact and communicate with their users using advanced programming are a thing to behold. Manufacturers of such dolls (male/ female) are increasingly indulging in manufacturing AI-driven robots that will have the ability to move, moan, blink, and even simulate climax! While these robots are expected to come with a hefty price tag, such a unique product could quite easily change the game.

Sex doll brothels in various cities like Las Vegas and Hong Kong are becoming surprisingly common giving employment to both human and robotic sex workers.

For those who passively or actively like viewing pornography, VR headsets will be able to allow an immersive experience for such videos. Not limiting to videos, VR has taken to gaming as well and players could potentially partake in a sexual virtual setup including multiplayer functionality for players at distant ends. Clubbed with other smart sex gadgets, virtual reality has become the reality.

There is no denying the fact that sex tech is proving to be a breakthrough industry not only challenging the sexual stigmas of the past but also improving the sexual wellness of all concerned. New technology brings new experiences and is anything but positive news for the users, however, the acceptance of a debatable concept such as sex tech can cause a few eyebrows to raise questioning its ethics. 

The sunny side of Sextech

While this set of A.I. marvel comes with its share of risks for the world, we still can’t ignore the fact that sextech has a plethora of blessings to offer. Beginning with the solace to comfort the aloof population, confined in their homes at distant places and communities of society. This becomes especially significant during times like these when the world is left with no choice other than quarantining due to the global virus outbreak.

However, despite breaking the taboo, allowing long-distance lovers to share a moment of sensuality and building a safe space for sexual health globally, nothing can defy the essence of human touch. The alienating overtone and decreased inner satisfaction might just worsen the emotional health of the masses to a greater extent.

However, only time will decide the path of human sensuality.

Siddharth Kulkarni
Siddharth is an incoming FMV Analyst and B.Com Hons graduate from Delhi University. Siddharth holds several positions of authority at a college level at various societies namely The Young Entrepreneurs Society and The Hult Prize. He is an enterprising youngster who is passionate about learning and growing as a person with each successive day. He is a hardworking and self-confident individual who possesses zeal and grit and loves to work with details. Being a sportsperson as well as an academic achiever, he love to surround himself with healthy competition.






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