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5 Must-Have Smart Tech Devices For People With Disabilities

IoT along with wearables possess a massive potential and their applications make the lives of millions of people quite easier. Not only do such technologies provide several opportunities, but technologically advanced devices connect with people’s houses, environment, and electronics. Smart lighting is a great example to understand this better. Once installed, they’ll automatically illuminate the place when it’s dark. This provides people with a sense of safety. Now, shifting the focus from a smart environment to more of an enabling environment, the smart tech IoT devices can now make the lives of people with disabilities much better and easier.

Moreover, there are numerous Assistive Technologies (ATs) available in the market. They’ve been assisting disabled people for a very long time now and can be anything- hardware, high-tech, software, and low-tech. Toyota’s mobility band is one such device people with disabilities should know of. This band provides assistance to those people who are blind and helps them navigate conveniently. 

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The following list incorporates smart devices for people with disabilities based on a few parameters:

  • Accessibility
  • Benefits 
  • Applications 
  • Necessity and usefulness 

Without any further ado, we present you 5 devices that are must-have for every person with disabilities.

5 Smart Tech Devices for People With Disabilities

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot is a small compact device that enables people to control their homes through their voices. The Echo Dot can set alarms, listen to music or news, and even control the lights with its voice activation system. With the help of this device, people can turn on or turn off their AC, light bulbs, TV, geysers, or any other electrical appliance they possess. 

For individuals with any sort of disability, there’s no longer a need to physically get up and switch on and off your home devices.  Echo Dot, your virtual assistant, can do that for you on one command. 

  • Brand: Amazon
  • Price: $39.99
  • Functioning: Voice activation system 
  • Battery: No batteries are needed 
  • Technology: Wireless – Bluetooth

The August Smart Lock

The conventional keypad locks do not provide details regarding who used them and when. Changing their combinations manually every time becomes quite hectic and difficult to keep a track of. A smart lock is a much safer option. The August Smart Lock is the more advanced and mordernized door lock for highly secure, automatic and convenient entrace inside your home . It uses the person’s smartphone as a key.  

In this manner, people with disabilities can share access with their therapists and doctors with ease. August smart lock will enable users to share a temporary or guest access. It can further restrict how many times one has access to enter your home. Furthermore, users can monitor people who’re entering through an application that even maintains a log. 

  • Brand: August Home
  • Price: $160
  • Functioning: Voice control 
  • Battery: Batteries are required
  • Technology: Wireless – Bluetooth

Philips Hue light bulbs

People who suffer from any sort of disability or are aged might find it difficult to get up and manage simple tasks. For them, switching on the lights or other appliances would require a lot of effort. This is where smart lighting and outlets come in handy. 

Philips Hue light bulbs are smart lights that provide people with numerous options besides simply switching on and off. These bulbs can change colors, enabling people to set whichever color they find comforting. The bulbs can further be dimmed to reduce sensory overload and can be made brighter accordingly. 

  • Brand: Philips Hue 
  • Price: $50
  • Functioning: Voice control or an application 
  • Volts: 120 Volts
  • Technology: Wireless: Bluetooth

Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller

With each passing day, the world is becoming more accessible to people with one or more disabilities. People who find it difficult or impossible to manually open or close their garage doors can now do so with ease. 

Nexx Smart Garage is an essential partner to already existing door/garage opening devices. This device is accessed through the Nexx Home application and enables users to securely keep an eye on their garage door regardless of whether they’re at home or not. 

Nexx Smart Garage also reminds people if they’ve left their garage door open accidentally. It’ll send a notification on their smartphone. In case someone has left their garage door open for a particular reason, Nexx Smart Garage comes with a snooze feature. 

  • Brand: Nexx 
  • Price: $80
  • Functioning: Remote control and voice control. 
  • Battery: Batteries are required 
  • Technology: Wifi 

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats enable users to set their homes to whichever temperature they want. Such thermostats are very helpful for individuals who have cerebral palsy since the technology sets a warmer temperature in the setup surroundings. 

Many smart thermostats are available in the market, however, KKmoon Smart LCD Touchscreen Thermostat should be your top preference. This thermostat is touchscreen, can be installed easily, and can also be programmed to lower your electricity expenditure. There’s a keypad locking feature along with 6 temperature modes to pick from. 

  • Brand: KKmoon
  • Price: $25.99
  • Functioning: Touch 
  • Technology: Touch control  

Smart homes enable disabled people to live in the absence of much support. People who were earlier dependent on the smallest of tasks can now do them themselves with ease. Even though most of the smart devices are costly, they’re definitely worth the buy for those individuals who have any sort of disability. 

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