Tantric Sex- 7 Positions Inspired By Yoga For The Best Sex Ever

tantric sex yoga positions for amazing sex

Tantric sex has transformed the romantic bond of many couples with its multifaceted approach- from sexuality to their spirituality. The beauty and effect of tantric sex, inspired by age-old tantric yoga, depend upon the passion and energy that you put into the practice. For instance, you can try your hands on the basics of tantra sex techniques that will satisfy your sexual pleasure to some extent. Alternatively, you can study the ancient yogic art on a granular level to attain higher wisdom and knowledge of your body and its pleasure. Who knows, you might watch yourself set out on the path of spiritual enlightenment.

If all this too much for you, you can hold your horses at the basics which is guaranteed to build intimacy between you and your partner in a way that you might have never experienced before.

What is Tantric Sex or Tantric Yoga?

Tantra goes far beyond a sexual union.  Tantra is a way of living; it is a spiritual path to high consciousness and wholeness. It is a way to open up to more love not only self-love but love for the world we live in and of course within our relationships. Well, one sole purpose of tantric sex is to expand and prolong the physical, energetic, psychological, and spiritual connection between two lovers. Tantric yoga is about raising individual and collective consciousness through cultivating and raising sexual energy. 

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Since ancient times, tantric sex is viewed not as sin but as a form of art. A practice in which we can deepen our intimacy and pleasure that we playfully and patiently use as a means to enhance our relationship. There is no guilt or shame that surrounds a person’s sexuality in tantra. In fact, tantra teaches us to be a whole even if we separate ourselves from sexuality and in that way, sex becomes sacred, something to explored and to be enjoyed.

In a nutshell, tantric sex inspired by yoga positions can be a gateway to some of the best sexual experiences of your life just by introducing a few tools or techniques. You’re nearly to find out how to have tantric sex to endure the most strong, related, cosy orgasms of your life. This comprehensive list is going to acquaint you with specifically what techniques and positions do fairest. 

7 Step Guide To Attaining Height of Sexual Pleasure with Best Tantric Sex Positions

Tantric self-love 

If you are into tantric sex, experts recommend beginning with experimenting with yourself. Tantric masturbation is completely contrary to the normal whisked and rushed masturbation. Tantric masturbation includes slowing down with your touches, being very compact and heedful of your whole body, and catching sight of energy that builds in your body. Sex toys can be a part of your play but aren’t mandatory.

No, masturbating in this way won’t lead you to sleep. Slowing down and implanting this technique while you masturbate will take a long time to build your genitals for an extremely great orgasm. But once attained, you will thank the sages who unraveled this marvel for generations.

The Delight

This technique is basic and handily enacted letting a deep intimacy between lovers straight without penetration. This sex position is pertained to as tantric yoga missionaries for the build-up before the best sex of your life. The partner who is penetrating should stand before the receptive partner who will be lying on the verge of the bed. The receptive partner encircles their legs around their partner’s body and fibs back.

The partner who is standing can either remain upright or lean ahead onto their hands. This technique stimulates heed between the partners as there is eye contact between them.


If you are already into tantric sex you must have come across this technique, in many tantric book covers. Yab-Yum is the most basic tantric sex position and also one of the best. Cross-leg lotus posture is what it looks like. Sitting facing each other, one stays on top, and both swaddle their legs around their lover and loses to nuzzling their body. 

Look into your lover’s eyes and if you feel patient, just linger there. Spice your foreplay by matching your breathing with your partner’s and swiftly ease your foreplay into intercourse. The more sluggish you go, the more incredible your chemistry will be. Bear with this technique, as long as you can.

Plated Spoon

Carve your body in a curve, lie on your partner’s side and be a spoon or be spooned. Think back to that this is tantric, unlike regular sex does not rush into a race.  Smell each other, take satisfaction in the sensation of fingertips on your body and seductive breaths on their neck region, loosen yourself in your lover’s aroma. When you are physically ready, the one at the back penetrates the partner in front. 

With tantra, orgasm and pleasure are secondary, an intimate bond is a primary goal. And if eye contacts make you go weak in the knees during intercourse, this technique is your pick.

Reverse Seated

This technique is an inch more advanced. Yes, you are still viable for this technique even if you aren’t a tantric yoga practitioner. If you are having sex with a person of the opposite gender, remember that the guy should kneel behind the girl, her legs touching his. If your partner is of the same gender as you, experiment with this technique in any version you feel is favorable. It is promising to have the penetrating one at the back if intercourse is on the table. This technique lets you experience a lot of skin touch and nuzzling. 


The partners will fib on their back, legs entangled, sex organs clasped against each other, and allowing no eye contact with heads at the opposite. While you are wedded to your enthusiastic zone, you both act as tubes for the energy flowing through the cosmos. It is carved into you both, striking and flaring at your shared affection. Or this may just perceive good. Either means is a win-win thing.

In this technique tantric yoga technique, the feet can be fondled or kissed if you have feet-fetish. As seduction reaches its peak, you can stimulate by rubbing your genitals without letting go of the legs. If intercourse is on the menu, having sex with someone who is sucking your toes is everyone’s fantasy.

The Merger

This is a tantric sex position that is best at stimulating incredible intimacy. This technique is an exotic treat for the person who is an eye contact fanatic. Merger upheld eye contact and a seductive voice. It enables either partner to take over the control of the speed and the depth of penetration, thus facilitating you to take turns in riding.

Sit with legs extended wide,  while the receptive partner rests on top, settling and confronting them. This technique is identical to Yab-Yum but here the legs are outstretched rather than mingled.


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