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Tiger Woods Net Worth- Sneak Peek Into Extravagant Lifestyle

Find out how much world’s greatest golf player makes and how he spends it.


  • World’s most famous and greatest golf player of all times, Tiger Woods also happens to be the richest golfer in the world.
  • His current net worth is at $900 million and earns an estimated $50-60 million every year
  • Woods has been ranked 26 in the Celebrity 100 list and 8 in the list of World’s Highest-Paid Athletes for 2020
  • 2.4% of his wealth comes from endorsements; 7.6% from winning tournaments
  • He owns a super luxury yacht, a Gulfstream G550 private jet, 12-acre ocean-front plot in Jupiter, Florida.

World’s most celebrated and greatest Golf player ever, Tiger Woods is synonymous with glory in the world of Golf. While looking back on Woods’ career graph, one can never spot a single dull moment. Tiger Woods’ fans are always curious to not only catch up with the latest life and career updates of the legendary sportsman, but his net worth is also an equally intriguing subject for admirers around the world.

It is common knowledge that sportspeople at the top of their game are most often rewarded handsomely for their efforts on the field or court, with earnings that are eye-watering for the average employee.

Despite this, it is surprising that none of the sporting stars of today are actually part of the so-called ‘three comma club’– professionals having a net worth of more than a billion dollars.

To be sure, the only sportsperson who is estimated to have ever crossed the $1 billion thresholds of net wealth is the long-retired basketball player Michael Jordan. Jordan’s estimated to have a net worth of $2.2 billion from his business career and huge endorsement deals with brands such as Nike.

There are however a few active sportspersons who are close to getting into the elite club of amassing billion dollars in wealth. Among them is Tiger Woods whose net worth is estimated to land him in the elite club in about 3 years and 3 months as of 2021. The other two sports personalities close to achieving this net worth are footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and tennis champion, Roger Federer. 

While considered to be the greatest golfer to have played the game ever, Tiger Woods’ career has gone through plenty of ups and downs. He has retained the spot of the top-ranked golfer in the world for most of the 2000s, after which his career was impacted by a spate of injuries and personal problems, which lasted for most of the next decade. He made a comeback in 2019 by winning the 2019 Masters, his first major golfing event in 11 years.

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Even though Tiger Woods is estimated to have actually exceeded $1 billion in earnings throughout the course of his long career, currently he is just short of the coveted valuation. But with his career coming back on track, it is likely that lucrative deals with brands such as Nike, Rolex, Monster Energy, and more could soon propel him into the elite $1 billion club.

Is Tiger Woods still a billionaire?

Tiger Woods is currently not a billionaire and his estimated net worth is at $800 million. With estimates that he earns about $50-60 million every year. He earned, for example, $63 million between June 2019 and June 2020 from multiple income streams.*

The top ever earning of Tiger Woods since he turned pro in 1886 was $1.5 billion which at current rates would be about $1.8 billion, after adjusting for inflation. He is undoubtedly the highest-earning golfer ever and was rated as the highest-earning sports celebrity in the world for many years.*

What puts him at the top of all professional sportsmen of the world is his success at the game. Woods’ eminent career graph encompasses 15 professional major tournaments, 81 PGA Tour wins, 41 European tour wins and five Masters wins. He is also adjudged as the top-ranking player for more consecutive weeks than any other player. PGA Player of the year 11 times, Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the year twice, and AP Male Athlete of the year 4 times are some of the grand titles that Tiger Woods enjoy.

The Golf elixir found himself on the Forbes list multiple times and was ranked 26 in the Celebrity 100 list in 2020 and at No.8 in The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes for 2020.

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How much does Tiger Woods have in net worth?

As of Sept 2021, the net worth of Tiger Woods is $800 million and is ranked 7th in the top 10 list of the wealthiest celebrities of the.*

Tiger Wood’s sources of earnings include awards received from winning tournaments as well as from endorsing products. He has earned about $118 million on the golf course (including the $2.07 million he won at the 2019 Masters) since he turned pro in 1996. That is, however, only 7.6% of his total career earnings to date.

The bulk of Tigers Woods’ wealth comes from endorsements which is about 92.4% of his career earnings, or about $1.6 billion. He has had endorsement deals with brands such as Nike, Gatorade, American Express, Asahi, General Mills (Wheaties), Golf Digest, Rolex, Gillette, Accenture, Tag Heuer, AT&T, EA Sports, NetJets, Upper Deck, TLC Laser Eye Centers, and Buick.

A custom branded drink for Woods called “Gatorade Tiger” was developed by Gatorade and the deal with Tiger Woods was worth about $100 million over 5 years. At one point in time, Gillette paid the sports star $20 million per year to endorsing the brand together with fellow superstar athletes Roger Federer and Thierry Henry. Tiger Woods reportedly is paid $10 million for designing golf courses all over the world, while he can command as much as $1.5 million just to make an appearance at a golf tournament.

The extravagant lifestyle of Tiger Woods

With so much money and fame in hand, it is a general curiosity as to what lifestyle do the stars lead and how do they spend their money?

In the case of Tiger Woods, he has splurged a maximum part of his net worth on luxuries and real estate, among others.

He is the Founder and CEO of TGR, a multi-brand enterprise that is comprised of his various companies and philanthropic endeavors. It includes TGR Design- the golf course design company, The TGR Foundation- a charitable foundation, TGR Live- an event production company, and The Woods Jupiter- an upmarket sports restaurant.*

Tiger Woods has started his golf course design business in the wake of the 2009 financial crisis and a slowdown in his career and it is touted that this business is doing well.

His other assets accumulated over the years include:

  • A super luxury yacht that he named “Privacy” and valued at $25 million and one that he sometimes uses to spend the night in during tournaments near water.
  • The PGA tour pension plan is worth at least $20 million.
  • He also is the owner of a Gulfstream G550 private jet worth $54 million and uses it extensively for travelling. It is estimated that he had used commercial flight only once in the last 15 years – in January 2017 for travelling from Los Angeles to Dubai.
  • Tiger Woods also owns a 12-acre ocean-front plot in Jupiter, Florida that is estimated to be worth at least $55 million. 
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