Cookie Policy

This is our page informing the user about the Cookie Policy of our website Uncut Globe. To read about our privacy policies, kindly visit our Privacy Policy section at the bottom of the page.

Cookies are like the small packets that are stored in your computer’s hard drive when you use the Website (only if you allow). These packets reach the hard drive of your computer through your Web browser and allow the Website or the provider’s device to store information about your browser and feed certain information about your browsing activity. 

Uncut Globe uses cookies, web beacons, and other tools to gather information about the User’s and the Visitor’s browsing behavior. 

The information collected includes IP address, browser details, websites visited by you, and a few other things. Cookies also help us to gather data like which is the most frequently visited page on the website by you, time spent on each page, your preferences based on the activities on the site, estimate the traffic and the User interaction which helps us to improve the site experience. 

The advertisements you see are selectively displayed based on your browsing history, which is again collected by the cookies. 

Blocking Cookies

No cookies can be legally transferred to your device without your consent. Most of the browsers provide the option to block cookies. However, blocking the cookies may result in limited usage of the website. 

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