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You Can Always Resign Without Burning Bridges With Your Boss- Follow These Steps

World is a small place and you always need bridges to cross over. Don’t burn them.

A well-thought plan to resign without burning bridges with your boss is the most underrated corporate phenomenon ever. Professionals are quitting their jobs in quest of more money, mental stability, and more happiness as the traditional life fades. As a result, many people reconsider their definitions of employment, how they are valued, and how they spend their time. It’s causing a surge in resignations, with the Labor Department reporting that a record 4 million workers bidding goodbye kiss to their nine-to-five.

Hiring is picking its pace in many industries, and if you’re thinking of an exit plan, it’s a promising career move. But, when it’s time to switch to a new career or do something else with your life, how should you resign from your current position? When it comes to turning in your resignation, there are some things you should do and others you should avoid.

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Of course, there are different ways to quit, but it’s essential to retain your calm, stay upbeat, and avoid burning bridges.

Quitting a job can be a worrying experience. But keep this thing as professional and unemotional so that you don’t regret it later. Remote work altered the mindsets and hearts of people and made them realize their absolute priorities. The pandemic’s massive shift to remote work has had a significant effect on people, how they think, and where to work. 

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Don’t eliminate traditional ways. But learn to plan the departure, even when you’re forceful to cut corners so that you can protect your reputation with your peers. 

Exit plan has some rules, and it is better to follow them for a more extended benefit to both parties.

What is the most effective method for leaving a job? When should you resign? And most importantly, how to not burn your professional relations to the ashes? We have got everything covered-

6 Ways To Resign From Your Work Without Burning Bridges With Your Boss

1. Think! Is it a good time?

Taking the time to examine why, when, and how you should leave your work will help you make the right decision, find new opportunities, and gracefully exit your current position. Even if you’re frustrated, think about the advantages and disadvantages of leaving your job. If you’re unsatisfied with your responsibilities or overwhelmed by your workload, talk to your immediate supervisor to see if they can help.

2. Don’t quit without talking to your boss in person

We are sure you don’t want to give your boss a chance to say, “I could have easily solved that problem for you, but you already made your mind up.”

Avoid ending your job on call or mail as communication is always more effective in person. Ask for the right time to talk and deliver the news face to face by being reasonably honest. Have the proper conversation starting from a lighter tone with gratitude will neutralize the awkwardness and thank them for the opportunity and training.

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3.  Are you sure quitting is the best option?

Make sure to bring up your career needs throughout the dialogue. Don’t make it personal (even if your boss is technically the reason you’re leaving). Your manager might also try to keep you by offering you a raise or a promotion. “There was a reason you decided to go,” it’s crucial to remember in that situation.

4. At least two weeks’ notice is required

Yeah, it can be really tempting to start new again but don’t be impatient; you have to resign without burning bridges with your boss. One of the worst things you can do while resigning from your current workplace is to tell your boss, “I am leaving tomorrow.”

The standard time span to give an employer before leaving is two weeks. Whether you’ve signed an employment contract, check to see if there are any rules about how long you have to give notice. Following the decided notice period makes them realize that you are honoring the traditions. 

Not serving the notice period is a non-negotiable no-no.

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5. Request an exit interview

This one is innovative and will definitely leave behind an impact on your boss’ mind (depending on whether you are flying the exit interview with flying colors or really fu** up).

Even if your company’s policy does not require an exit interview, request one from your manager, then, take advantage of that opportunity to express your gratitude for all that you learned and earned and provide feedback to the next person in your position.

It will demonstrate that you not only took your job seriously but also that you appreciate the opportunity.

6. Don’t goof around

Don’t tell your coworkers you’re quitting until you’ve informed your supervisor. And stating, “Don’t tell anyone I told you,” isn’t going to cut it. What’s to stop you? Because they’ll tell everyone they know about it. And it won’t be long until everyone knows. So, mums the word. 

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