Your Ultimate Guide On How To Get More Matches On Bumble

How to get more matches in bumble

For anyone who doesn’t like to hop out of the bed and socialize, but still yearn for a love connection in some corner of heart, online dating apps are god-sent. Especially during the lockdown, the world has wholly succumbed to the convenience of Bumble and Tinder. However, cracking down the secret to making the most out of virtual dating apps is not an easy nut to crack. Despite spending a lot of time, some people still can’t find the answer to questions like- how to get meaningful matches on Bumble and Tinder? Or, how to start a conversation on Bumble? And so on.

The deceptive game of swipe right or swipe left and can definitely get you a perfect match if done right. There are often tiny factors in play why a person might not be able to find love on online dating platforms. And while all these factors might not be the same for everyone as most of the people have distinguished traits leading to different results, there are still some common reason for the failure on online dating platforms.

After detailed research and study, we have compiled the list of the major reasons why you might not be getting meaningful matches on Bumble and how you can.

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Say goodbye to the bleak days on virtual dating apps. Because we have compiled all the solutions for you, at one place.

How to get meaningful matches on Bumble and Tinder.

Ditch the selfies

Many of you might be thinking that uploading selfies might portray your cool side. Unfortunately, you are just pulling yourself up by the bootstrap by bringing your selfies in play. A big no-no to posting boring selfies, especially when you are about to set it as your display picture. 

Your display picture is your first impression on your potential love partner. Make sure, selfies don’t ruin them. Rather try to put a picture that shows your fun and adventurous side. It might sound unrealistic but more than just looks, people like to judge personalities even on the dating apps. Try to look like a sort of person everyone can have fun around.

People are looking for amicable qualities in their partner during this fast pacing life. If in reality, you have less or no friends then at least pretend to have friends.

If you are not someone who has embarked on a lot of adventure, don’t worry! Just don’t look like a self-centered narcissist who would take countless selfies. Seriously! Excessive selfies can say a lot about your personality, narcissism, and self-obsession.

Try to be online on Sunday night 

Sunday nights had already been proved as the best time to bag a date through dating apps. After handling a lot of pressure from colleagues or boss or spending the whole week in other busy and important activities, singles often prefer to get relaxed by chatting or speaking with someone who understands the feeling of loneliness. According to many dating applications, it is confirmed that their platforms are busiest on weekends and millions of people get their matches on these days.  

Even Tinder started its swipe night game/video series of three episodes on September 12 in some countries. In that series, users made some critical choices by watching the episode, which was added to their profile. The decisions that the users took helped a lot in making meaningful matches and also in post-adventure conversations. There was no compulsion to make the info public. 

Now you can understand the importance of Sunday nights for making awesome matches on Tinder and Bumble. So, grit your profile and get a bigger snapshot on this Sunday night.

Add high-quality pictures with bright colors

High-quality pictures don’t only mean pictures with high resolution. You should also consider other parameters such as adding adventurous images, pics with your friends that show your fun and loving nature, and not to forget, upload a compassionate photo to get bonus points for your profile. 

In the end, we all want to make our profile more attractive and eye-catching. A pro tip that always works is the use of bright colors. This is not important for every picture you upload but for the crucial picture such as your profile picture, the image in which you are showing some of your interests or hobbies. 

According to Tinder stats, approximately 72% of users wear bright colors or a combination of black and blue in their profile pictures. Select a pop color and click a picture against any contrast background to stand out of the crowd. You will see an instant increase in the number of swipe rights for your profile. Almost in every dating app, you will be allowed to upload 5 photographs. Choose them smartly (as mentioned). Make sure all your pictures are clicked by a third person so that you can perfectly show your personality and features through them. 

Make your profile positive 

Understand the fact that a dating app profile is your first impression that you can use to attract the right person. Make sure your profile is sharing some positive vibes. Do not ever try to give any type of disclaimer from your profile. Most of the people show bio with a starting sentence- ‘Do not contact me if….’ or ‘I am not free if you are here just for hook up.’

Such lines add negativity to your profile. 

Rather than scaring the wrong ones, put your efforts into attracting the right person. Now, you don’t need to incorporate those creepy lines that contain unicorns and rainbows. Frame some sentences that actually explain who you are and what are your requirements. This will quickly assure a meaningful match for you. 

Swipe Smartly 

According to research published by Science Advances, it has been shown that people who search and swipe right for out-of-the-league matches, get more positive results than others. So, if you find someone who is more attractive and desirable than you, do not say no. At least it’s better than sitting and thinking, how to get meaningful matches on bumble!

Also, ensure selective swipes. Swiping right for every pretty face or every hot guy is pathetic instead of swiping for people whom you think you can be compatible with. Check out their profile, understand the description given in the bio. Also, you can ask for hobbies and after a bit of conversation, you will be able to identify the right match for you.

This absolutely does not mean that you need to marry the very first profile that matches you. You can check various profiles and hit one-off that gives you strong vibes. 


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